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Women hold your chairs tightly because the hot shots that I will be discussing about in my current blog might just make you fall. These men are Greek Gods whom you would have always fantasized from the time when you were a small kid. What makes them different from other men across the globe is the way they treat woman. After all it is a known fact that impressing a woman is not difficult but keeping her happy for the rest of the life is. This blog comprises of some easy tips or rather useful lessons which will help you in keeping a woman happy.

George Clooney

The way George Clooney looks at a woman I am sure she is immediately going to fall for him. He is quite reserved when it comes to dating women. You will not find him asking a girl out? Neither will you find him striking those cliché pick-up lines. I think this is what makes him different. I remember there was a time when I so badly fantasized him that I started browsing for online gifts for men to find the perfect gift for him to express my love for him.

One lesson that every guy should take from George Clooney is the fact that don’t show that you are desperate to have a girl. The way you cover that desperation will do the magic for you.

Ranveer Singh

A person like Ranveer Singh is hard to ignore. And he does one thing perfectly right which any lady would love. The flamboyant expression of his love makes him a heart throb for several woman. Women usually love men who have openly confessed their love. I think this is what makes it hard for Deepika Padukone to leave him.

Shahrukh Khan

We all know that he has ruled hearts for years and is considered to be the king of romance. Many young girls and women have not just idolized him but have also loved him innocently since childhood. What makes him so adorable is his loyalty. Take inspiration all you guys from this man, after all the major fight is regarding commitment and loyalty and Shahrukh does it just right. When it comes to gifting him, I really run short of gift ideas for him so that he can marry me someday.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo’s calm composure is what makes women go crazy about him. He is quite mysterious and can keep any woman guessing till the end of the time. The best way to win a woman’s heart is to be unpredictable which will make her want you more. Be patient, don’t just hurry up because there are chances that you will end up losing the game.

Brad Pitt

The only thing that keeps coming back to me about Brad Pitt is just this – “The woman is the reflection of her man, and the man of his woman. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it; as will you.” He has always kept his place personal and has been a supportive husband too.

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