The Fabled K-Beauty Routine


Korean beauty trends are big in the UK like it is in many other parts of the world. Women are especially captivated by how the superstars of K-dramas manage to look as luminous as possible. Thus, the glass skin idea became the foundation of every beauty regimen.

However, copying Korean beauty can be achieved even with locally sourced products like SkinCeuticals Retinol, a refining night cream that is promising enough to erase any trace of ageing, including fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and other blemishes. And it could be good enough, as you begin your journey towards glowing luminous skin. For the rest of the fabled 5-step process, use brands that you trust and are readily available to you. Just keep the main idea of the K-beauty routine in mind and use it as your guide.

  1. Clean to be pristine. Koreans pay so much importance to cleansing — they do it not just once but twice. For the first round, they use oil-based cleansers to remove any makeup residue and grime that may have stuck on the skin’s surface. After that, they use a foam cleanser to rinse off impurities within the skin’s pores.
  2. Tone to prep the skin for more. After cleansing, they use toners to help remove any cleansing residue to clear off the skin for the next treatments. This step is another must-do daily as the cleansing routine.
  3. Exfoliate regularly but not too frequently. Many women fall victim to the idea that exfoliating often may turn in the best results. But Koreans think otherwise. They use exfoliating creams, yes, but not too often because they believe that less is more. They can get by doing it every other day to as rarely as once a month.
  4. Treatment products. There are several treatment formulas that Koreans live by and for several reasons, picking the best product that matches their skin type. They apply essences and serums to their problem areas, ensuring that they are as clear and flawless as the other areas of their faces.
  5. Every beauty regimen usually ends with a hydrating and moisturising solution. This is the same requirement to get the results that the mystic hanbok-wearing Asians are enjoying. Sometimes, they would even go as far as applying a detoxifying overnight best sleep mask. They sleep on it to wake up to an amazingly supple and smooth skin the next day.

Final thoughts

If you look closely, nothing is so special about the Korean beauty trends. They use the same tried-and-tested formula of cleansing, toning, and moisturising as the basic process but add several treatment plans to keep their skin luminous.

One of the things different with the beauty regimen of the modern-day is the amount of attention given to plant-based skincare, particularly those with retinol. Taking advantage of the nourishing properties of plant extracts do not only improve formulation but also help save the environment since they are sustainable ingredients. Now, that is a fair reason everyone should start taking after the K-beauty explosion.

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