Choose the Bridesmaid Dresses Color Palette for Spring Season Wedding


Spring is undoubtedly the most romantic season of the year when nature comes back to life after taking a winter nap. If you have planned to tie a wedding knot in this romantic season, then it is the high time to choose the color palette for your Bridesmaid Dresses and makes the look beyond fabulous. Pick the colors that will combine warmth and freshness. Since nature offers too many color options to choose, we have mentioned top 5 Bridesmaid Dresses Colors that can add life to your spring wedding. These colors flatter on every skin tone and flaunt the ravishing beauty of your girl gang.

Bright Sunshine Day: Butter Yellow, Pale Gray and Ivory

Butter Yellow looks beyond stunning for spring wedding. This color easily intimidates lots of women and looks fabulous on all skin tones. For bright sunshine spring day wedding, one can also pick Pale Gray and Ivory. Both these colors give perfect contrast to each other and flaunt the beauty of the wearer. To balance the coolness of steely shade of Gray, choose a soft, touchable material like sheer tulle and makes your girls look graceful in your bridal party.

Feminine Mystique: Pastel Pink and Bright Purple

Pastel Pink and Bright Purple looks timelessly elegant in the spring season. Both these colors give classic feminine look instead of frilly and sweet. With spring in air, go for pastel pink and bright purple Bridesmaid Dresses to give an ultra-feminine feel to your girl gang. Keep the look sweet and demure by dressing your bridesmaid in blush colored frocks and gowns. Stick with the neutral white backdrop to avoid too sugary sweet look.

A country wedding: Navy, Cornflower Blue and Chartreuse

Dress your girls in a knee-length navy blue gown and give them bold and classic look. Liven up your palette with navy, cornflower blue and sunny chartreuse. This cheerful color combination is perfect for country style wedding. Pair them with right accessories and make-up to look glamorous and luscious. Just be cautious about your hairstyle and try to look simple and graceful.

Peachy Keen: Peach and Pale Yellow

If pink, blues and greens aren’t of your type then stick with more neutral palette of pale yellow and muted peach. Send your girls down the aisle in elegant peach-hued gowns in matte fabric and allows them to steal the spotlight. This color scheme looks tasteful and flatters the real beauty of your bridesmaids.

Field of Lavender: Lavender and Mint Green

If you’re looking for Bridesmaid Dresses for the spring season wedding, then Lavender and mint green is a sure bet. Let your nuptials be awash in the majestic hue for a rustic and earthy feel. Choose these elegant Lavender and Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses and dress your girl gang in flowing lavender gowns and frocks and embrace their beauty. Mint green is a pale color and thus it is suggested to pair them with statement necklaces big metallic rings or bracelets or any other eye-grabbing accessory.

Shop for these classic Bridesmaid Dresses colors and let your girls steals the attention.

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