Appropriate Bereavement Gifts for the Grieving Family


How can you help a friend or a family member who’s in deep grief because of the loss of a special person in their life? Usually, the person is still in a state of shock at the sudden demise of the person and needs support. As a person concerned for their well-being, one of the best things you can do is to be there for them and provide an appropriate bereavement gift.For some people, expressing their sincere condolence and sympathy comes naturally. However, if you wish to express them through material things, you can also go that route. If you need guidance about appropriate bereavement gifts, you can always consult with experienced funeral professionals at, and they can help you choose which one would suit your particular concern.

Here are some suggestions that you can consider giving the family in mourning.

Home-cooked meal

A wake or a funeral service can be stressful, and there are times when people don’t have the time or energy to cook. It would be great to send a home-cooked meal to sustain the people in attendance. It might help if you cook a viand that the departed is fond of as it can help people remember good times.

Custom portrait 

Usually, the family would blow up a photograph of the deceased to display during the wake or the memorial service. However, one of the best ways to show that you’re sincere in condoling with them is by commissioning a portrait of the departed. Not only will you help memorialise the person who passed, but afterwards, the family can take the portrait home and hang it on their walls.

Memorial sapling 

Another way of uniquely memorialising the departed is by planting a memorial sapling in their name. It may be a non-traditional way of expressing your oneness with the family, but this can help them find closure and even be an avenue for memorialising the one who passed away. They can even visit the growing tree from time to time and help them remember the departed.


One of the best ways to show your sympathy for the bereaved family is to give them a photobook that memorialises the good things about the departed. Since it is a personalised photo book, you can highlight the events that matter most to the family. It will help them find closure upon realising that their loss is permanent, but there will always be memories to remember the person by.

Monetary donation 

If you would rather donate to a cause that’s dear to the departed’s heart while they were alive, you can also do that. You don’t need to divulge the amount, but the fund that the family can collect will help memorialise the person.

Self-care service 

Usually, when someone’s mourning, they might not take stock of how they look. What better way to remind them that you care about them than by giving them the gift of self-care? You can sponsor a cleaning for their house or a visit to the salon or spa to help them de-stress.


Sympathy gifts don’t have to be traditional only in nature. You can show that you’re sincere in condoling with the bereaved family in various ways, but your presence is more important during their time of loss.

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