High Heel Shoes Footwear – From the Lady Who Loves Heels


The benefits and drawbacks of putting on high heel shoes are continually being debated in media. Reactions all contributors of the lively discussion can appear extreme when thinking about the topic but aren’t surprising to individuals people who’ve an dependence on heels. Our voice isn’t heard.

We’re constantly being told within the press from the risks of putting on high heel shoes.

Like a lady with a deep desire for heels I must offer my perspective about them.

For simplicity I shall consider four general groups of people that I say is probably the most opinionated about them and who lead most towards the debate. I’ve intentionally overlooked this sort of profession.

1. Ladies who love heels. Nearly all women are interested in footwear but it’s extensively recorded that for many women high heel shoes are an obsession. Many theories happen to be submit to describe this behavior. From general observations I’m able to state that ladies who like heels simply love putting on, owning and collecting heels and achieve this having a pleasure that contributes an additional dimension for their lives.

2. Ladies who dislike heels. They are as passionate within their belief his or her heel loving siblings. Generally they find heels degrading for their sex and think about putting on them being an unnecessary, uncomfortable or painful unfaithfulness of the gender.

It should be pointed out that neither of the aforementioned groups will probably get their opinions altered, each believing another to become mislead.

3. Men that love heels. Lots of men are drawn to heels. Usually this can be a sexual preference or perhaps an unconscious reaction. This attraction is recognized as normal by both women and men but because it is sexual anyway it may in certain men result in an obsession that could become a fetish.

4. Lastly men that cannot realise why women attach a lot importance to footwear regardless of the sort and therefore are shocked at the quantity of footwear a women owns and just how much she’ll invest in a set of quality heels.This group doesn’t have a tendency to lead anything worth debate.

The truth that some clothing could arouse such extreme feelings would normally appear absurd. Within the situation of high heel shoes I’m not whatsoever surprised as heels usually have held a unique place in the middle of a lot of women. There’s without doubt that putting on heels is harmful for your health insurance and that the obsession regardless of the sort obviously isn’t normal conduct however in the situation of high heel shoes there’s some mystique and sexuality that’s unique and unexplainable.

To conclude, high heeled ladies continuously strut their stuff with pride tossing caution towards the wind and our detractors continues inform us the errors in our ways.

vive la différence

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