Ordering Retractable Arm Awnings- A Guide for Beginners


Awnings are a popular feature used in many homes nowadays. As demand has grown for external window coverings, more and more companies have begun to supply different types of awnings. One of the main issues with purchasing new awnings is that most people are unaware of the different options available. As a result, they often fall for the words of salesmen and shopkeepers, and end up making the wrong purchase. Here are just some of the many types of awnings that you can choose from.


As the name suggests, stationary awnings are basically installed in one place. They cannot be moved or retracted, as the canopy will be installed on the exterior of the house. Stationary awnings are generally quite durable, and are relatively stable as well. However, because you can’t retract these awnings, it doesn’t take long for them to gather large amounts of dirt. During the rainy season, water may become stagnant on top of these awnings as well. Stationary awnings are generally quite cheap, with prices varying upon the total area to be covered. It’s usually recommended that you hire a professional to inspect the area before installation.


Retractable arm awnings in Melbourne have become tremendously popular over the past few years. It’s the retractable arm that makes it such a popular choice amongst homeowners. When you aren’t using these awnings, you can just retract them and fold them up. As a result, you get the sturdiness of a stationary awning, but without having to worry about them getting dirty or damaged due to external atmospheric elements. During periods of strong winds, snowfall, or rainfall, you can just fold up the awnings to prevent the fabric from getting damaged. Retracting the awning isn’t a problem either. Some companies come with a lever, while others have a rotatable wheel that you can use to fold or extend the awnings.


Motorised awnings are a bit more expensive as compared to retractable or stationary awnings, but they also offer additional benefits. As you can imagine, there’s a motor attached to the awnings that allows the canopy to roll over and fold up without requiring any human effort. All you have to do is press a button and the awnings will fold up or extend, automatically.

On top of that, motorised awnings are also equipped with different sensors. These sensors will automatically determine the amount of sunlight and adjust the position of the awnings by themselves. However, motorised awnings require regular servicing and maintenance if you want them to continue performing smoothly.

Most companies that offer awnings generally provide numerous pre-fabricated options. However, if you have larger windows, and want a custom solution, the company will take the measurements and dimensions and create a custom awning for you. Almost every company offers a free consultation and quote before designing the awnings, so you can request quotes from several companies to get an idea of how much it would cost. It’s an excellent investment for homeowners, and will add a unique look to your place.

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