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Staying in an apartment in a place you are not familiar with is quite scary. You don’t know the people in the neighbourhood. You also have no idea if you will feel comfortable with the one that you chose. Therefore, it helps a lot if your apartment has a 24/7 reception service. You will feel confident if you know that you can count on someone to help you if ever there is a problem.


The reception will answer your questions about the apartment or the critical places in the city where you plan to travel. If you want to visit tourist spots, you can also ask how to get there without getting lost. You can figure it out yourself, but you would rather have a local helping you.

Repair and maintenance

You need to find a well-maintained apartment, but even then, you might still encounter some problems. If ever you have issues like lights that don’t work or clogged sinks, you can count on the reception office to address the problem. You don’t want it to last long, or else you won’t be in the mood to have a nice vacation.

Security threats

It helps if your apartment has tight security measures to ensure that all guests are safe. Security cameras and roving guards will help you feel safer during your stay. It also helps if there is a key card that only allows guests or tenants to come inside the apartment building. In case you face security threats, it feels good if you can count on the reception to act on the problem quickly.

Added services

If you request housekeeping services, or you want someone to come and do the laundry for you, the reception will help in making sure you get those services right away. Your rental might already include the fees for these services, but in some cases, these are additional services that require separate charges.

Warm and receptive

Aside from all the amenities and features offered, you also need to know if you are getting 24/7 reception. Some apartments have people in-charge during office hours only. You can’t take the risk if you experience problems after those hours.

Of course, you want the reception office to be warm and hospitable. They need to deal with all your concerns without complaining, as long as they are reasonable. They also need to make you feel like they can handle everything well.

The good thing about renting an apartment is that it is not too big where the front office has to address several concerns. You know that you will be one of their priorities. It also makes you feel like they are welcoming you to the family. It is why a lot of tourists prefer staying in a serviced apartment rather than large hotels.

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