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With rising temperature, the biggest concern for Canadians is to protect themselves from cold weather and make sure that their health is not affected. The consequence of this problem comes in the form of increase in heating bills that creates a difference of almost 10% to 25% in consumption. With this problem, homeowners cannot live a comfortable life and therefore, they have to immediately think of replacing old windows and doors Toronto.

Drafty windows and doors Toronto do not only impose burden on the pocket but, they are also responsible for making the environment uncomfortable. The problem also leads to environmental stress that might disturb their lives and leave inhabitants exposed to harsh weather.

So, to avoid such problems, it is recommended to install new versions of windows and doors Toronto that are more energy efficient and have the ability to provide security and protection. Though, there are some conditions when a small repair project can lead to a big safe and homeowners can even do that with less knowledge and some necessary tools. Here is what they can do to save/repair their old windows.


The first and foremost thing is to find out leaky spots with the help of a candle. All homeowners have to do is to move lighted candle around the frames and spot the area that is responsible for air drafts.

Window Caulking

Window caulking is basically responsible for prevention against cold air. But, homeowners should have to make sure that they do not form gaps or crack. Small cracks can be filled by rope caulk or simple caulk that is shaped to fit into the gaps.

Applying Plastic Film

Insulation films are applied on the window panes with double-sided tape and are sealed with a hair dryer by providing heat. This is a cost effective method to avoid drafts as it helps the room to sustain around 55% of heat, thus keeping the environment comfortable and relaxing.

Draft Snakes

Restrictions can be applied on the entry of cold air and exit of warm air with the help of windowsills where, homeowners have to place window draft stoppers. They are easily available on the internet or can be improvised by a fabric tube with dry rice.

Rubber Weather Sealing

Self stick rubber strips are also available in the market for weather sealing. People just have to cut them in the appropriate sizes according to the dimensions of the windows and doors Toronto. Once they are stick, cool air breeze would not enter the room.

Installing Storm Windows

It’s the responsible of homeowners to check their windows and doors Toronto before the cold season because if something is wrong, they can repair it right away. Also, storm windows should be installed for additional protection against cool breeze.

Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb Cellular Shades are designed in such a way that they do not allow cold air to enter and hot air to escape from the place. They add energy efficiency to the room and allow homeowners to live a relaxing life.

There are many other ways to repair windows and doors Toronto. People just have to find out the most suitable way of making their homes comfortable.

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