Clenbuterol Benefits, Uses, Dosage Cycles and Side effects


The Clenbuterol drug is the most popular drug known for cutting down the fats and aiming at the toned body.  Various professionals, athletes prefer this drug for a desired body. It helps in reducing the extra fats while still maintaining the energy level and metabolism in the body. The cycle of this drug is followed during the fat reducing phase of the bodybuilders.This drug is however not effective for those who aim for bulking their body.It helps in increasing the metabolism in the body. It increases the stamina in the body, helping to perform in a better way and thus increasing the energy power in the body.  There are various other names for Clenbuterol like the Dilaterol, Ventipulmin etc. This drug is effective to treat the asthma problem. It can be found in various forms like the capsules, pills, spray, gel, liquids, injections etc. It is also referred to as the diet pill. Many celebrities in Hollywood use this pill to reduce the weight and it’s also popular there as “size zero” pill. This pill majorly is used to increase the function of the sympathetic nervous system. This causes the body to burn more and more energy as well as calories. The effect on the body is increased and thus it results in frequent and easy breakdown of fats. The fats in the body are constantly burnt to keep up the heat in the body and make the temperature of the body in a stable manner. To see a faster result one can combine this drug with the proper diet plan and workout regime.


 The most common dosage that is taken by the bodybuilders is two week cycle that starts with 20 mcg and this is further extended up to 140 mcg. It has various effects on the body hence one needs to be careful while undertaking this drug. It should be taken in adequate quantity.

The two week cycle consists of:

Week 1 : Day 1 – 20 mcg, Day 2 – 40 mcg, Day 3 – 60 mcg, Day 4 – 80 mcg, Day 5 – 100 mcg, Day 6 – 120 mcg, Day 7 – 140 mcg.

Week 2 : Day 8 – 120 mcg, Day 9 – 100 mcg, Day 10 – 80 mcg, Day 11 – 60 mcg, Day 12 – 40 mcg, Day 13 –20 mcg, Day 14 – 20 mcg.

You may notice amazing results if the intake of dosage is proper.

Side effects:

This drug has various side effects attached to it.  It has been taken within proper range or it’s over dose may cause harm. It has both long term as well as short term effects on the body. These side effects can be prevented in case one is careful with the dosage taken.

Some of the short term effects are the high level of Anxiety, Crams in the muscles, Increase in the heart rate, vomiting, headache, nausea, sweating, Insomnia, Hypertension etc. These effects can be stopped if the intake of Clen is stopped.

The Long term effects on the body are the Enlargement of the heart, degeneration of heart, high risk of having bone fractures etc.

Clenbuterol Injections are used for weight loss

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