How Long Does Lavender Hydrosol Last? Storage Guidelines and Tips


The word Lavender comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ which means ‘to cleanse or wash.’ As such, lavender is an element that has been used in various cleansing purposes since times immemorial. And now, you can get all the natural goodness of the ingredient in your bottle of Lavender Hydrosol. From soothing your acne-prone skin to countering skin irritations and rashes, and from letting you sleep better to helping you feel refreshed – a few drops of this hydrosol comes with multiple benefits.

But how long these benefits last depends a lot on how you store the product. So, how long does lavender hydrosol last? Read on to find the answer to that question and more.

How long can Lavender Hydrosol last?

Pure hydrosol tends to be more fragile and delicate than its essential oil counterpart. They can start degrading pretty fast if not stored with care.

Hydrosols should also not be confused with floral waters because the latter is a water-soluble, synthetic fragrance that is used to make hair and face mists, linen sprays, and other such water-based products. Natural hydrosols are even more fragile than floral waters and need more care in handling and storage.

With all that being said, when stored properly, you can expect your Lavender Hydrosol to last for two years.

Storage guidelines and tips for Lavender Hydrosol

Given below are the tips and guidelines to properly store Lavender Hydrosol and ensure that it maintains the potency. You can use the same guidelines to store roman chamomile hydrosol as well because it also comes with the shelf life of two years.

#1 Store Lavender Hydrosol away from direct sunlight and in a dark place

UV rays and direct sunlight are particularly damaging to the hydrosol. In fact, continuous exposure to all light sources is damaging to the hydrosols. So, you need to store the bottles in a place that does not get too much direct sunlight. The best thing to do would be to store the bottles in a box, container, or cabinet to keep them protected from any light source.

#2 Keep Lavender Hydrosol in a dark or amber glass bottle

Ideally, you need to store the hydrosol in an amber glass bottle. Amber glass refers to a pretty affordable dark tinted glass. You can also store the product in cobalt glass, which looks more beautiful and blocks out sunlight equally effectively, though it costs a bit more.

It is better not to use a large glass bottle to store the hydrosol because it is not just expensive but is also more prone to shattering due to mistakes. Since many of you use the hydrosol right after the purchase, there is no reason to transfer it to any other bottle. But if you plan to save your Lavender Hydrosol and use it occasionally, it is better to transfer it to a dark or amber colored bottle.

#3 Try not to keep the bottle partially full

When the bottle of Lavender Hydrosol is kept partially full, there is a chance that the oxygen living in the bottle starts reacting with the hydrosol and oxidizing it. This oxidization harms the delicate therapeutic and aromatic composition of the hydrosol.

So, the empty space found in the bottle of oil is known as the ‘headspace.’ The shelf life of the hydrosol can be prolonged simply by reducing the headspace. For example, you might have a sixteen oz. Bottle of Lavender Hydrosol that’s just half full at this point. To extend the shelf life of the product, you can transfer the hydrosol in an eight oz. Bottle or keep it in four two oz. or two four oz. bottles. If you transfer a large quantity of hydrosol into several small bottles, it helps you to use only what’s required later on.

As mentioned in the previous point, there is no need to transfer it to any bottle if you plan to use the product daily.

#4 Keep the bottle cap tight at all time

Oxygen can degrade any hydrosol and affect its properties. So, do not tighten the bottle caps too much because it can break and let oxygen come. However, make sure that the bottle caps are tightly screwed on each bottle of Lavender Hydrosol.

#5 Keep the hydrosols in a cool, dry place

You need to keep the hydrosols in a place that stays cool and dry all the time.

#6 Refrigerate your Lavender Hydrosol

You can refrigerate hydrosols to extend their shelf life, but remember not to freeze them because that affects the quality.

#7 Keep maintaining the integrity of the hydrosols

Do not let unsterilized things like cotton balls, your fingers, or anything else come in direct contact with the Lavender Hydrosol you’re storing. The best thing would be to pour the quantity you require or get it measured in a separate container and use that. It will help to leave the integrity of the rest of the hydrosol intact.

#8 Maintain a record of the purchase date and the expected shelf life

For added convenience, note down the date on which you received your Lavender Hydrosol on its label using a pen or marker. At the same time, write down the shelf life of that specific hydrosol. When you have a collection of different hydrosols, you can get those small round Avery-like labels available at any office supply store.

Put the circular label right over the bottle cap and write down the name of that hydrosol, along with the shelf life of the product and the date received. Putting such labels over the caps of every bottle makes it a lot easier to get the hydrosol that you need and know when the expiry date of the product is approaching.

The endnote

Follow the eight simple guidelines mentioned above and your Lavender Hydrosol will stay fresh and active throughout its expected shelf life. Make sure to mist it over your skin or face daily or put a few drops on the pillow for a sound sleep.

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