Clenbuterol Injections are used for weight loss


Clenbuterolis a supplement which boosts the metabolism and this can be taken orally or as an injection. Few people believe that this supplement is best in the form of an injection. But when this clenbuterol is taken as injection for weight loss, there are many side effects as well as risks. Apart from this, maintaining the syringes is costly. Instead of taking the injection, many recommend tablets which are easy to take and the dosage can also be controlled. Many people use Clenbuterol as it decreases the fat rapidly. This is injectable amine and it is not a steroid. This supplement has anti catabolic effect which helps in boosting the cardiovascular activity and this acts as adrenergic. With the use of this supplement, the blood pressure is raised and the supply of oxygen is also raised in the body. This also helps in increasing stimulation the central nervous system. This supplement helps in increasing the secretion of catabolic hormone and helps in burning fat and then heat is produced from the body because the calories are burnt.  This hormone helps in stimulating smooth muscles. This injection can also be used by people who have breathing problems as it acts as decongestant for those who are suffering with asthma. This supplement Clenbuterol reduces the effects if insulin. As the insulin levels are reduced the blood stream has less glycogen levels. When the body does not use glycogen, body uses fat as well as protein as fuel to produce energy. As the body temperature is raised, Clenbuterol helps and it is an effective agent to burn fat. When this supplement is used with proper nutritious diet, it gives best results. However, negative effects are possible.

Dosage is slowly increased and then decreased at the end

As the metabolism is raised and more calories are burnt, bodybuilders love to use Clenbuterol as it helps them to get toned body. There may be muscle loss, as protein is also used as fuel along with fat. But when proper nutrients are taken, this effect can be reduced and eliminated and fat will be burnt rather than muscle. Many people use this with anabolic steroids for a period of three weeks, so that they reduce fat and store muscle. Many athletes use it as an extra boost, as it increases the aerobic capacity of a person. Research says that Clenbuterol acts as an anabolic which helps in promoting the muscles. The human dosage which is suggested is given in micrograms and then when the body is uses, the dosage is gradually increased till the maximum dose. Then the dosage is reduced. The preferred cycle of dosage of Clenbuterol is for three weeks, the effectiveness of this supplement is reduced once this supplement is used to the body. Men should not take more than 160 micro grams while women should not take more than 120 micro grams dose.

One must make sure to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. It is suggested to plan an exercise schedule. Keep setting small goals and achieve them. Using of Clenbuterol in cycles is the best.

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