Miki Agrawal on Authenticity and Integrity During the Pursuit of Better Business


As a social entrepreneur and an engineer of authenticity, Miki Agrawal has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the entrepreneurial field. The founder of TUSHY and the innovator behind books like “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her,” Agrawal has become a significant voice for industry disruption and business authenticity.

Taking time out of her day to share insights into her work, Agrawal explored her work at TUSHY and her goals for her future in the field. Along the way, Agrawal highlighted a few tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow potentially.

What is TUSHY?

Miki Agrawal has long focused on the taboo areas of life that we are often afraid to discuss. This mindset led Agrawal to found TUSHY, a modern bidet brand for people who want to improve their bathroom experiences. Miki Agrawal would pull from her mixed-culture upbringing and health issues to engineer the concept behind the TUSHY bidet.

Agrawal says, “I’m half Japanese, half Indian, and bidets are normal in both of those cultures.”

Miki outlined some of the health issues she struggled with before deciding she was ready to bring a solution to the forefront. Agrawal added, “I wanted to make the best-in-class, sleek, modern bidet and – of course, make it relevant to American culture.”

How Authenticity Guided Miki Agrawal

For Miki Agrawal, looking to her roots and combing through her past was a beneficial way of looking for potential projects in the future. Agrawal believes that her focus on concepts close to her heart has helped her to succeed, as her work is imbued with an authenticity that her customers can see.

Along with maintaining an honest and open mind, Agrawal suggests other ways to ensure long-term success in the entrepreneurial field.

  • Take Risks – Miki Agrawal began her career in the financial services field while working for Deutsche Bank in NYC. Agrawal knew she wanted something more with her life, so she took a risk by leaving, focusing on building something better. TUSHY was soon brought to life.
  • Find the Right People – You can’t find long-term success if you are bogged down by the wrong teammates. Agrawal advocates finding the right team to build around you. Agrawal added, “I’m lit up when I get to be creative and ideate new directions for my brands, but I’m not always the person who wants to get caught up in operations.”
  • Question Everything – You can’t find creative solutions unless willing to ask creative questions. Agrawal says, “Questioning how things are done has been ingrained in me since I was a kid.”

Going forward, Miki believes in her approach so much that she wouldn’t change a thing about her past. Agrawal says, “Each bump in the road is a learning opportunity and has helped me grow and reach the point that I’m at today.”

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