CEOs Pay Attention: Kevin Modany of Bluerock Partners Shares Insights Into Excellence as Corporate Leader


Corporate leaders are often the fuel by which businesses run. A well-developed leader with a rounded set of skills and the ability to manage them effectively can become a force of good in their place of work.

Kevin Modany of Bluerock Partners has been working in the field for decades, developing his skills while rounding out his knowledge so that he can offer insight to others looking to follow in his steps.

Modany recently outlined a few key and essential leadership guidelines for CEOs looking to prosper in a post-COVID-19 world.

Essential Leadership Skills for New & Seasoned CEOs

When we discuss the phrase ‘new CEO,’ we are discussing the position acquired after reworking in the junior-level management role of the same business. CEOs often step into the role with technical expertise but a lack of managerial experience, and this is where Kevin Modany can offer important support.

To find prolonged and enduring success at the highest rungs of the corporate ladder, Kevin Modany believes that there are a few essential steps that will facilitate the task.

  1. Find Your Why – Kevin Modany believes that every corporate leader should cultivate a personal passion and relationship with their work. Some CEOs will enjoy exploring one aspect of their business, while others may enjoy a different aspect entirely. Whether a leader is a people person or more into the technical side of things, Modany suggests finding what makes them most passionate about their work.
  2. Develop a Distinct Style – Executive leaders should perform a self-assessment to define their skills, weaknesses, and places of developmental focus. By doing this, CEOs can outline their motivations to better define what makes them unique leaders. Collaborative leaders can even work with close advisors and team members to develop their style.
  3. Celebrate All Accomplishments – A team is comprised of many individuals, so Kevin Modany suggests celebrating both the individual and the team whenever appropriate. Modany believes that by offering celebration to both team and individual accomplishments, he can better motivate and inspire his business across the board.
  4. Provide Guidance & Motivation – Kevin Modany believes in making forward progress at all times, and that is why he likes to provide guidance and motivation whenever possible. Modany doesn’t care who is offering him an idea or asking a question because he cares about the content of their character rather than their position. Modany says, “I will give you an answer, and I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright.”

The corporate world has never been larger or more competitive. With these tips, Kevin Modany hopes that inspired leaders can develop the skills and traits required to find the success they are seeking. Modany urges all executive leaders to continue pushing forward in leadership training to sharpen their skills.

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