What you need to know about web accessibility using accessiBe


When it comes to internet access, accessiBe is the best platform as it ensures that those with disabilities such as visual, hearing, or other impairments aren’t left behind when it comes to web accessibility. In other words, accessiBe enables your business to provide everyone with equitable access and internet usage without prejudice. This article looks at the top notch technology behind accessiBe web’s accessibility.

  • accessiBe tools and technology

The tools and technology used by accessiBe make the entire web experience worthwhile. For instance, the widgets on the platform automatically adjust to a website’s design making it more appealing to users with disabilities. As a result, a web page is easier to navigate with a more user-friendly interface.

  • Advanced Artificial intelligence

Blind users or those with low vision and mobility issues can customize websites to look as per their desire. Each AI function is tailored to meet the website’s accessibility standards in the user interface, design, readability, and visuals.

Visually impaired users can customize accessiBe’s site design using artificial intelligence to suit their preferences. For instance, they can adjust a website’s font or color settings to be bolder or larger than normal. In the end, the highly advanced technology used by this particular platform creates a global framework that sets the pace when it comes to internet usage for the physically challenged.

  • Integrated technology

The top-notch technology used by accessiBe is compatible and accessible with any website or search engine available. In the end, those with disabilities are guaranteed better internet services, regardless of platform.

  • accessiBe monitoring tool

An active monitoring tool regularly checks your website, notifies you of any improvements, and alerts you on any potential accessibility violations. By using this particular tool that uses AI-based technology, existing problems or projects with pending improvements are solved, and in the end, you’ll have a smooth interface.


accessiBe web accessibility uses autonomous, faster, and reliable machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The entire concept is geared towards working with persons with disabilities to create a more accessible digital world for everyone. Hopefully, this article was insightful and worthwhile.

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