Robert Testagrossa – The Importance of Picking The Right Crypto Wallet


No matter what exchange you have used to buy your crypto from, it can easily be moved into another wallet of your choosing. The wallet is an important thing to consider when you do first invest, and today we are going to look at exactly why you should take your time when choosing. Experts like Robert Testagrossa have been sharing some great tips in recent months, for newbie investors who may need some support as they enter the crypto space. One of those recommendations is to ensure that you have a good wallet, and here is why this is so important.

Security Issues

The most critical reason as to why you should be very careful when selecting a wallet is that each comes with a different level of security. Given the fact that crypto currency is a decentralized platform, it means that there is no help or support if you get hacked and lose your holdings. If this happens then it will be a disaster. Each wallet has its own level of security and a history of being hacked or not. Take care in choosing the wallet which is the most secure and which has a wealth of security features for you to choose from.

Finding the Right Pairings

Whilst you can move your funds between wallets and from one exchange to the other, it is far easier and more convenient for you to pick a wallet which has a great exchange. What we mean by a great exchange is a range of pairings that others do not. For example if you add fiat and you wish to buy some LUNA, it may be that you will first have to buy BTC with that fiat, and then convert that to LUNA. This is not the end of the world of course, but it can slow things down a little if you want to buy quickly. There will always be some pairings which just aren’t on the exchange, but the more that you can get, the better it will be for you.

Customer Support

Although there may be no bank for you to contact if something has gone wrong with your crypto, you should still expect a good level of customer support from the company which runs the wallet. Frankly speaking there are some wallets which have horrendous levels of support and which take forever and a day to respond to you. Additionally there are others which are well known for their support on the site and on social media. The hope of course is that you don’t run into any issues at all, if you do however, you should make sure that you are working with a wallet provider with high levee customer support.

No matter if you go for a hardware or an online wallet, you have to ensure that you have done lots of research in finding the very best one out there. This is going to be critical for your crypto dealings in the future.

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