Three Points to Consider When Creating Your Own Legal Practice


Most of the legal staff throughout the country are more than satisfied working with a respected law firm. For a few, however, this isn’t enough. Instead, they want to be the respected legal firm. If this sounds like you and you’re looking to start your own law firm, below are three important aspects to consider.

Make It Known

Do you know what type of legal service ‘Montgomery, Blake & Rigdon’ provide? Neither does anybody that sees their services advertised. If you are going to specialize in a specific field of law, create a name which tells future clients which service you provide.

Names such as ‘CityName DUI Legal Assistance’ or ABC Workers Compensation Services’ immediately make it known to clients what type of legal services you provide.

Create a Website

While you won’t be offering legal services online, clients will expect a thorough and informative website. Look through the Groupon Coupons page for namecheap and register your domain. From there, look to hire a professional design team to create an attractive web presence.

  • A note on choosing both your practice name and website – when choosing a name, consider how it will look written as one word as part of your domain name.

It Really Is All About Location

Location works for two reasons.

  1. The first reason is corporate and business clients. These clients don’t want to visit the suburbs and are more likely to meet with and hire legal services which are based in the city. Likely based close their own business.
  2. Compensation and Immediate legal defense services, however, are more likely to be needed near police stations or known DUI checkpoints.


When it comes time for advertising, it pays to know your clientele.

If you are looking to gain corporate clients, advertising in business magazines and attending networking events is likely a good use of your marketing budget.

On the other hand, if you are looking for clients with immediate legal needs, bus bench advertising can be effective as can advertising space close to night spots and police stations.

Before you spend your start-up capital on the wrong places, consider these points and do your research. Remember that there is no rush in starting a firm, so take it slow and do it right.

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