4 Important Tips for Making a Grand Proposal


There are a lot of ways to propose to the person you love. Most people would just go for a simple dinner where they pop the question quietly. It is not that they are not proud of their relationship, but they would rather keep it private and intimate. Some others take a different route. It is where they do a grand proposal in public. There are those who have tried flash mobs. Some others drop a banner from a helicopter. Those who are daring enough do it on live TV. If you are planning to take a more public route to your proposal, here are 4 things that you need to take note of.

  1. Make sure this is what your partner wants. This is a proposal for your partner. It is not just about what you want or what you think will make you look good. It is also about what she wants. If she is an introvert and she hates making a scene in public, you should avoid this kind of proposal. You have been with her for years so you must know exactly what it is that she wants. If at this point you are not certain, perhaps you are not marrying the right person. It is also not the time for you to get married yet.
  2. You must be confident that it’s going to be a yes. Before you even dare going public with this proposal, make sure it will end up the way you want it to. Take note that there have been a lot of those who have proposed but failed. Others even ended up with embarrassment on live TV. If you are not certain whether she will say yes or no, it is best that you don’t go public with your announcement. Collecting yourself after a public rejection could be very difficult.
  3. Seek help from friends. To make this successful, make sure that you ask for help from friends. In order for this to succeed, there has to be an element of surprise. It means that you should ask your friends to protect you from being revealed. Under no circumstances must she know what you have been planning. If you have a trusted accomplice, this will be kept secret for sure.
  4. Don’t forget the ring. The most important thing in any engagement is the ring. You need to find one that she just can’t resist. Make sure it looks perfect and it will look amazing on her. Once you have found the right ring, you are now ready to pop the question. It also helps if you take the Perfect Engagement Ring Quiz online. This will serve as your guide for deciding which ring to buy.

Good luck with this endeavour!

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