Unique tools to bring your gardening experience to the next level


Surely, we can find an almost infinite number of gardening tools in the whole of the world; sorting all them out represents quite a challenge even for a professional gardener. Well, there are good tools and there are bad ones – and that is why we so rarely experiment with them. Not infrequently, gardeners get the strain when pruning with a badly performing lopper, and also the annoyance when meeting with a tool of inferior quality that doesn’t perform at all.

Still, some unique things are worth to be added to your horticultural sundry – below is our top picks of the most useful tools that your toolshed is probably lacking.

Pecan gatherer

From now on the season of pecans does not mean stooping, bending over or crawling around the trees anymore. All is easy and fast now – you just walk and roll your pecan picker upper until the cage gets a full two quarts of the nuts.

The flexible wires of the cage are held in place by two notched side plates. Due to this, you will need to make fewer movements and have not even one pecan (or any other nut) left behind. Also, the rolling cage does the work of sorting the gathered nuts from debris, short sticks and leaves.

Claw Garden Weeder

This weed puller tool has become highly popular for a few reasons, although the one feature that is of utmost importance is its ease of use. Especially this weeder is appreciated by gardeners who suffer from back pain – and it too is recommended for people with arthritis or reduced mobility.

On the lower part of the tool, you will see three claws that have space in between. Those claws need to be placed and pushed into the ground around the weed you want to eliminate. The pedal allows you to apply the weight of your body, while the sharp claws go into the ground without much effort.

The claws grip the root of the weed as you push on the foot pedal and then you pull back against it, and – voila! – the weed is wholly removed and can be thrown into the bin.

Broadfork tool

When the time comes to turn and sift the soil in your garden beds, a broadfork  (also known as U-bar digger) seems to be an ideal tool for this kind of work. With this mighty helper, it is possible to turn even hardpan and the hardest into a loose and mellow flower bed. Another reason why you should look for a bradfork for sale at Broadforktool.com is that you can be confident you will never break it.

What makes a broadfork virtually unbreakable? Primarily, it’s the impressive leverage it provides thanks to a pair of 48″ long handles. A tool’s size like this allows you to apply minimum effort and the whole idea of the broadfork implies a rowing motion rather than digging. The tines on a U-bar digger are set just widely enough to break the most challenging soils into small lumps.

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