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Are you planning to have a good time in Hialeah? This city can be found in Miami-Dace County. This is the 6th largest city in Florida. With the amenities you can enjoy in Hialeah, it is expected that this place will always be buzzing with locals as well as tourists. And when this is the situation, you can at the same time expect that there will be a huge demand of self-storage facilities. This is why, if you are one of the tourists or even locals in this city, you should first reserve a spot in your choice of storage facility.

You have a number of options though and most of them are reliable as well as commendable. But still it is best not to just jump in the first storage facility you come across. Instead, you have to familiarize them first. Here are some of the things to need to know if you are interested in renting one of the cheap self storage units in Hialeah.

  • Know that you cannot expect for all the storage facilities to be exactly the same. There might be some similarities but that is only coincidental since they have different owners. Maybe the similarities will lie on the imposed codes and regulations concerning the said type of business by the government.
  • Always remember as well that electronic gates as well as huge padlocks cannot really completely deter a determined burglar. Note that such burglar can also pose as a customer so that if given a chance, he can just cut the padlock of another customer and get through his things. This is why, it is best to really check out if the facility comes with alarms and cctvs. At the same time, check as well if they are using the latest cylinder locks because these types of locks can hardly be destroyed or cut.
  • Beware of too good to be true discounts. Especially about move in discounts. If that is their offer, you should ask if until when is their rates right now as there are times when they will only give discounts at the start but then again, they will increase their rates almost every month. Thus be cautious with situations like this. If ever they will tell you that their discounts will just be the same for a period of time, then you should have it in writing. If they don’t do that, then might as well check out other storage facilities.


  • A climate controlled unit will really protect things or even wooden furniture as if they will be stored in conventional storages when the weather changes easily like from being too hot to a heavy downpour, you can trust that after just sometime, they are too ugly to be used.

Indeed there are a number of times when a storage facility is your only option especially if you are not in your own place. Thus be sure that you will right away reserve for a slot if you are planning to shop till you drop.

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