Keep Workers Happy During Your Projects


As much as you might want your workers to be able to start and finish a project without pause, you need to ensure that they have adequate toilet facilities on site to keep the pace up. If you choose not to utilise toilet hire, you risk losing valuable time while workers seek out facilities on company time. Having one or more portable toilets on site will ensure that your workers keep on track and remain content during their job at the project site. Whether this is your first project or one of hundreds you have performed, this addition to the equation will make the entire process simpler in the long run.

Single Toilet Hire

Some people refer to a portable toilet by a specific name whether it be a Portaloo, Builder’s Toilet, Site Toilet, or Dunny. However, its function does not change with its name and it is cost-effective and simple to hire a toilet to be brought to your site. The length of your project is not an issue, as these can be hired for short or long term use, and the same companies that let out their toilets also perform regular pump outs and cleaning of the portable toilet upon request.

Toilet Servicing

Unless your project is only slated to take a day or two, you are likely to find toilet servicing a crucial need when utilising portable toilet hire for construction sites. The right companies provide such services along with their toilets to ensure that your facilities, as well as the waste tanks, receive scheduled servicing throughout the project.

A clean toilet makes your workers happy, and happy workers do a better job and work with more productivity. You have the choice of utilising full-service options that include a pump out, cleaning, and restock of the toilet or only a pump out, according to your unique site needs. The cost-effectiveness of this entire service will make the decision simple to make and your workers will thank you for the convenience.


Your workers want to see that you are willing to invest in their comfort while on the job. Scaffolding, portable toilets, and adequate safety gear are among things you should always supply for them during a project. This will keep your workers happy, thus increasing productivity across the board and helping to get your project finished on schedule. By your ensuring that they have what they need, they will feel a greater sense of loyalty to your company and be less likely to leave it for other work. In short, every single step you take toward making your workers feel comfortable and safe during a project will increase employee productivity, efficiency, and retention.


The right companies have been in this business for 30 years and they understand that every bit of money saved is crucial. Therefore, they do whatever they can to offer you quality portable toilets without asking for a high fee in return. The ability to keep your workers content without putting a large dent in your budget is why this service is so fantastic, and it is a simple matter of contacting a reputable company to get started.

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