Improving Corporate Sustainability Goals With Alejandro Pena of Keter Group.


When Keter first opened its doors, it did so as a leading supplier of sustainable products for consumers in Israel. Over the better part of the past century, Keter has grown into a leading supplier of recycled resin-based products which look better and last longer than their more expensive counterparts.

Guided by the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter has grown exponentially since installing its new CEO in 2017. With a rapidly growing market share as well as a rapidly expanding list of manufacturing facilities, Pena was ready to take the microphone to talk about goals for the future.

Creating Better Outcomes

Alejandro Pena took over as CEO of Keter Group in 2017 following his career at the legacy company Rubbermaid. Pena has already enjoyed more than 25 years of industry experience, and he has used that to continue the supercharged growth of Keter.

Keter is a company with more than 5,000 employees on its roster and a carbon footprint that continues to get smaller and smaller. Through Keter’s internal calculations, the company assessed that its recycled content prevents close to 700 metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the earth’s atmosphere thanks to its sustainable practices.

To create such a great outcome, Pena has targeted manufacturing facilities in areas where products are destined to be sold. As an example, Keter has a large manufacturing presence in the United Kingdom for its lightweight products. Across the pond in the United States, Pena and Keter have established facilities for larger products.

One example of the company’s success with creating products that look as good as they last is the Adirondack chair, a timeless recreation from the early 1900s. Built with recycled resin and made to last, the Keter Adirondack chair is the gift that keeps on giving with regard to environmentalism.

Keter Innovation Center Goals and Outcomes

Along the way, Pena and the team at the Keter Innovation Center have developed new solutions to potential problems. Zvika Zak is the Managing Director of Keter Innovation and one of the leading voices when it comes to technology use within the company.

Zvika Zak says of his company’s work, “Keter is committed to ensuring we lead the industry when it comes to the design, creation, and delivery of sustainable lifetime product solutions.”

Zak went on to point out that the goal for Keter products was to “meet the emerging behaviors and buying trends of consumers across the globe.”

While sustainability has always been a focus at Keter, never before has it been such a vocal and concentrated effort, Zak says, “Keter’s products play a full part in enhancing consumer lifestyles without compromising the environment we all share.”

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