Who Is The Worst Test Batsman Of All-Time: A Disaster Of The List


Most of the time, their goal is to find the best players in the game’s history. But what if the goal was to find the worst players of all time, like the worst batsman in the history of test matches?

It would be important to find batters who don’t have what it takes to be good with the bat. This could be shown by how low their highest score is, how often they score ducks and pairs, and how few runs they have in general.

According to world cricket news today, look at how some of the worst batsmen in cricket history are alike and how they are different.

  •  Mervyn Dillon –

Tenth on the list is Mervyn Dillon, who is from the West Indies. He throws the ball fast. Dillon already had the second-highest total of any NFL player in history with 26 ducks, and he now has the second-highest total of any NFL player with four different pairs. Even though he did some good things with the bat, scoring 43 runs at No. 8 to help his team tie with India in 2002, he is not higher on this list.

  • Monty Panesar –

This chart puts Monty Panesar above Dillon, even though he was a bad hitter and fielder but became a cult hero in England. Even though Panesar is usually bad at baseball, he has had a few moments of brilliance in the game. People often talk about his great partnership with James Anderson for the last wicket in the first Ashes Test of 2009 at Sophia Gardens. His dive against New Zealand in 2013 must also be mentioned.

  • Fidel Edwards –

Fidel Edwards, a West Indian who is very fast but not very good at hitting, is the next batsman to step up to the plate. Edwards was only counted on for 20 runs four times, and this was the longest time he was ever expected to stay at the crease.

  • Devon Malcolm –

Devon Malcolm was a quick bowler who rose to fame although he wasn’t much of a hitter or fielder. He became a legend despite this. There were a great number of people who came before him and after him, and he continued to do the same thing.

His bowling was a significant factor in England’s success, particularly in that match against South Africa in 1994, even though he was not a very effective hitter.

  • Danish Kaneria –

On the list, Danish Kaneria comes in at position number six. He was Pakistan’s leg spin specialist in the past. When it came to hitting, he wasn’t nearly as skilled as the other guys on the list. Kaneria’s batting was not at all one of his strong areas, as seen by the fact that he never reached 30 runs and was retired in all 25 innings in which he participated.

  • Phil Tufnell –

Because of his unconventional batting style, English spinner Phil Tufnell rose to the status of a cult figure during his career. However, because he seemed to be terrified of the rapid bowling that was popular in the 1990s, he was frequently the subject of jokes and ridicule.

Tufnell never seems to find out how to progress as a batter after the early part of his career was spent facing Shane Warne, who left him perplexed.

  • Glenn McGrath –

In the sequence of batters, Glenn McGrath comes in at position number four. He has a fantastic fast bowling delivery, but he is not a good batsman.

The fact that McGrath’s teammates applauded him each time he scored a run despite the fact that he wasn’t a particularly skilled batter demonstrates that, despite his popularity, he wasn’t a very good hitter. The very fact that they carried it out demonstrates that this is in fact accurate.

  • Bhagwat Chandrasekhar –

It is because Bhagwat Chandrasekhar was India’s most successful bowler in the early years of Test cricket that he is placed higher than McGrath. Chandrasekhar is an Indian leg-spinner. McGrath is a fast bowler. Because he suffered from polio, he was forced to bowl in an unusual manner, which negatively impacted his performance at the batting crease.

  •  Courtney Walsh –

The West Indian Courtney Walsh, who was a terrifying fast bowler and appeared afraid when he was batting, narrowly missed out on the top spot in this category, which is unfortunate.

His bowling more than made up for the fact that Walsh held the record for the most ducks scored in the history of test cricket, but he also owned the record for the most ducks scored.

  •  Chris Martin –

It is commonly agreed upon that Chris Martin, a batsman for the New Zealand team the Black Caps, holds the dubious distinction of being the worst performer in the annals of Test sport.

Martin had a reputation for being a poor hitter, and during his whole career, he never scored more than 10 runs in a game (against Bangladesh in 2008). It’s possible that he was the very last player to concentrate on only one aspect of the game. Martin was notorious for getting hits that were not in the ballpark, and this game was the only time in his career that he drove in more than 10 runs.

Martin was able to maintain his sense of humor despite the fact that he was not particularly skilled at hitting the ball with a bat. A parody movie with the title “Learn to Bat Chris Martin” was produced in collaboration with Pulp Sport to publicize the release of a DVD with the same name.

When Mitchell Johnson and Harbhajan Singh were bowling, he was able to hit some wonderful shots here and there.

However, in general, he was a complete and utter bust, and the only reason he is not the player with the most ducks in the history of tests is probably because he played fewer tests than Walsh, who is the only man who is above him on the list of all-time duck scorers. Walsh is the only man who is above him on the list of all-time duck scorers. On the list of all-time leaders, Walsh is the only guy who is ranked higher than him.

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