In 2010, a bug generated 184 million bitcoins

Newcomers to the realm of crypto-currencies may be unaware, but a flaw in the Bitcoin Blockchain produced almost 184 million BTC on August 15, 2010! This flaw, dubbed the “Value overflow event,” affected block 74,638 of the Bitcoin Blockchain. A transaction was found within it that generated 184,467,440,737.09551616 BTC for three separate addresses. As a result, two addresses earned 92.2 million BTC apiece, while the miner who solved the block’s puzzle was awarded with 0.01 BTC that didn’t even exist prior to the transaction.

This flaw was based on the reality that the Bitcoin Blockchain’s algorithm for verifying transactions before included them in a block did not account for the eventuality of sums so enormous that when joined together, they exceeded the number of Bitcoins limit.

Satoshi Nakamoto as well as another developer produced a fresh correcting edition of the Bitcoin Blockchain within 5 hours after the flaw was found. After then, the blockchain had to be split in order to bypass the offending block. From block 74,691, the good version of the Bitcoin blockchain took over, but many unpatched nodes kept adding blocks to the bad version of the network.

All nodes recognised the repaired version of the Bitcoin Blockchain as the official version for transaction history from that point forward. As a result, people utilising the longer blockchain as a reference no longer have access to block 74,638.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s disappearance is linked to the CIA

It is true that the headline of this little-known fact about Bitcoin’s beginnings is intentionally catchy. However, there is an indirect cause tied to the CIA that might explain Satoshi Nakamoto’s absence.

Gavin Andresen, along with Satoshi Nakamoto, was one of the early creators of the Bitcoin blockchain and was arrested by the CIA in 2010. He was wanted by the CIA to be questioned about Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto vanished into thin air shortly after this occurrence and was never seen or heard from again.

Was his disappearance due to a fear of being interviewed by the CIA? We’ll never know, yet many people continue to believe in this theory today!

Fortunately, before leaving, Satoshi Nakamoto had the foresight to choose Gavin Andresen as his successor and grant him permission to the Bitcoin Blockchain project on SourceForge, which included the source code.

The first Bitcoin faucet gave out 5 bitcoins to each visitor

Bitcoin Faucets are well-known among cryptocurrency speculators who wish to acquire free Bitcoins through bitcoin wallet. They are, in fact, websites that give out little amounts of Bitcoin for free to visitors at regular intervals. The current amount distributed is around one Satoshi. So it’s not a big deal. This was not always the case, though. For example, Gavin Andersen’s first Bitcoin Faucet, launched in June 2010, awarded 5 BTC to each visitor! The purpose was to promote Bitcoin acceptance and usage. If you had taken advantage of such an endeavour at the time, those 5 Bitcoin units would now be worth almost $280,000! And there will most likely be many in a few years…

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