Learn to Relax Without Smoking


One of the biggest challenges which so many smokers face is that they struggle to replicate that relaxation which they enjoy following a cigarette. This is not just something which is psychosomatic but the clear impact which the chemicals in tobacco have on the body. This is the same with cigarettes as it is with oils from a vape shop, which can be very hard to replace once you have finally kicked the habit. With this being said however there are many ways in which you can relax, and here are some easy substitutes for the level of relaxation which you feel when you are smoking.


For some people meditation means a 20 or 30 minute daily routine of finding a quiet space and using breathing techniques to reach levels of relaxation. This however can be made into a much simpler and shorter practice, with quick meditation bursts that can keep you feeling relaxed. Instead of taking up those 5 or 10 minutes smoking, find a quiet space, sit down comfortably and take deep breaths in and out. Do this for the same amount of time as you used to smoke and you will really feel the benefit of it.

Taking a Walk

Walking is something which is great for the body and for the mind, and you will find that you can relax far easier once you have pounded the pavement for 10 or 15 minutes. Not only will this get the blood flowing around the body, and oxygen to the brain, but you will also be able to focus your thoughts and organize your tasks and responsibilities, this is going to be highly beneficial in helping you to relax a little. Walking is highly underestimated with regards to how it can help you to burn calories and relax.

Getting Aggressive

Oddly enough, getting aggressive can in fact be a great way for you to learn to relax with ease. Naturally we are not talking about getting aggressive with other people here. What we are referring to however is taking your stresses and strains out on a punching bag or a jump rope. Doing this can be incredibly cathartic as you will be getting rid of the stress and the pent up aggression which you feel. Once this aggression has gone, you will feel much more in control and far more relaxed on the whole.


Many ex-smokers say that reading is something which they have found to greatly help them relax in lieu of a cigarette,. The reason for this mainly is that a book, especially a fiction book, really takes you away from reality and puts you in a completely different frame of mind. As you escape the reality which you live in, you learn to let go of those small things which have bothered you and you will be able to instead focus on the important stuff, which will leave you in a more relaxed frame of mind.

These are just some of the ways in which you can learn to relax.

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