Why You Need an Intake Form for Massage Therapy


Massage intake forms are a document that therapists use to collect important information about you before they start your massage. This includes your medical history, travel history, and any other pertinent information that may be helpful to their assessment. Here are some tips on how to fill out this form so that the experience goes as smoothly as possible for you and for your massage therapist.

Why you need an intake form

Completing an intake form before your massage is beneficial for two reasons. First, it will allow therapists to better assess your needs and tailor the treatment accordingly. Second, it will help them avoid any potential issues that could arise during treatment.

Some of the information you’ll provide on the intake form includes:

– Your medical history

– Your travel history

– Any medications you’re taking

– Any allergies you may have or conditions we should know about

What to include on your massage intake form

When filling out your massage intake form, it’s important to know what information will be helpful for your therapist’s assessment.

The first step is to collect information about you and your medical history. This includes any allergies or other concerns that you may have, as well as any medications that you may be taking. You should also include any recent illnesses or injuries that may influence your massage session. Your therapist might also need to know the date of your last tetanus shot or any medical issues you’re currently experiencing so they can determine if they’ll interfere with the healing process.

A massage intake form also helps your therapist to understand how much time is needed for your treatment. For example, if you need more than 45 minutes of treatment but you only want half an hour, this would be an issue that needs to be addressed before the appointment starts.

Completing the intake form with the therapist

Once you’ve filled out the intake form, bring it to your session with the therapist or fill it out before your session. The therapist will use this information to tailor your massage for your particular problems and needs.

Your massage therapist can help you fill out the intake form by giving you examples of questions that would be helpful in assessing your medical history, travel history, and any other pertinent information. This way, there’s no guessing about what the questions are asking or how they should answer them.

Make sure to bring a pen with you on your first visit so that you can write down important information as soon as it comes to mind.


A massage intake form is essential for any massage therapy. It allows the therapist to collect information about the client, such as their age, the type of massage they’re seeking, any allergies they have and more. It also allows the therapist to take a deeper look into the client’s needs to see if they’re a good fit for a specific type of massage–which can all come back to helping you feel better!

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