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When it comes to the future of the planet, sustainable farming is one of the biggest avenues we can choose to go down. This involves producing food in a way that does not compromise the current or future generations’ ability to meet their food and produce needs.

By turning to sustainable farming, we can consume our farmed produce with the peace of mind that our future generations will also be able to enjoy it. This could involve being kinder to the animals or land that we use, being mindful of our carbon footprints, and evaluating where we source fuel and water.

If you’re looking for a company that prioritises sustainable farming and offers a comprehensive range of products to advance sustainable farming and agriculture with modern innovation, then look no further than Verdesian Life Sciences.

Using science to balance nutrient uptake

One of the biggest threats to crop performance is nutrient uptake. When crops absorb nutrients that collaborate to achieve optimum metabolism, then the plants will reach their maximum potential. This results in a high yield of a high-quality crop.

However, when a nutrient, even just one, overpowers the other existing nutrients, an entire crop could fail. For unstable ecosystems and less arable land, this can have a detrimental impact and could be the difference between sustainable farming land and unsustainable ground destruction.

Verdesian has developed patented fertilisers that use nutrient technology to optimise how nutrients are absorbed and delivered to crops. Not only does this facilitate more efficient absorption, but it can stabilise an entire crop’s metabolic system.

Nurturing legume plant health with inoculants

Planting legumes is an easy way to replenish organic matter in soil, improve soil porosity, repair soil structure, decrease the acidity in soil, and break down disease build-up caused by grass-type crops. This can make a huge difference to farming lands and their sustainability when it comes to farming over and over again. To save and repair fragile land, farmers can plant legumes that will heal the soil after harvesting other crops.

Verdesian is using inoculants to provide more efficient strains of rhizobia. These are designed to enhance the naturally occurring symbiotic relationship between legumes and soil, meaning that this natural repair of the soil is encouraged and improved. By using this, Verdesian has increased nodulation, produced more nitrogen for plants, and achieved a greater yield.

Verdesian Life Sciences is paving the way for sustainable farming. When it comes to the future of farming, Verdesian is an expert in the field, producing new and innovative methods to save our farming lands.

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