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At Arlo Hotel, we think any time of year is ideal for visiting New York City. Each season brings out something special, from the magic of the first snowfall to the leaves emerging in the spring. We love the summer months, where the flowers and trees are in full bloom, everyone’s eating and drinking outside, and Central Park welcomes sunbathers and joggers. If you’re coming to Manhattan in the summer, it’s important to pack the right clothes and gear. Here are some of our suggestions.

June (especially early June) is warm in the city, but it’s not quite the deep summer temperatures or humidity. You still likely need a light jacket or a light hoodie for the evening. When it turns to July and August, you’re getting into the very humid months, with highs often hitting close to 90 or over. And we get that “heat island” effect where all the concrete and steel soak in the heat and keep it around during the night. Unfortunately, the humidity means you’ll get sweaty, so think about light clothes that move moisture. Avoid colors like gray that show sweat easily. Lean towards classic white cotton, linen, or synthetics which will keep you feeling cooler.

You’ll need to hydrate thoroughly during your summer trip, so consider bringing a refillable water bottle. Other essentials recommended by the Arlo Hotel staff include high-quality sunglasses to ward off the summer sun, multiple stylish hats, and some comfortable yet eccentric sneakers. Pack a swimsuit for a kayak adventure or visit one of the five borough’s amazing public pools.

Men should consider one semi-formal outfit with a light jacket and pants for the evening, and women can always go with a flowing dress that looks great on hot summer nights.

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