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Our health is more important than it has ever been before and whilst we are in a better place now with the virus which has turned the world upside down, it is not over just yet. It is for this reason that health experts such as Dr. Curtis Cripe have been speaking out about the importance of investing in our health now, ahead of the coming winter months. There are so many benefits which this will offer and here is exactly why the likes of Dr. Cripe are encouraging all of us to take our health more seriously than ever before.

Hospital Issues

 Winter is a tough time for hospitals as it is, and this was true even before the pandemic hit. Last year we saw worrying levels of hospital saturation, but even then there was a lot of places locked down. This winter could pose a bigger challenge to hospitals as things are more open. The best way that you can avoid spending any time in the hospital is to have a strong immune system and this is exactly what you will get when you focus on your health.


There are many variants which are being discovered as the virus mutates. This again will be something which we see climb in the winter months, because those conditions have always shown to be ideal for viruses being passed around. Your strong immune system will most your chances against those variants and focusing now on your health will provide you with a better chance at staying healthy through the winter.

Mental Wellbeing

The last 18 months has not just negatively impacted our physical health, but also our mental health and this is something which we should all be focused on. There is a very real possibility that lockdowns may come again, in order to stave off the spread of the virus throughout winter. For you to best cope with those lockdowns and the mental strain which they put on us, you should ensure that you are fully focused on your health now.

Making Hay Whilst the Sun Shines

Even before the pandemic the summer has always proven to be the best time for us to focus on our health. This is because it is much easier to do so during these warmer months, with light evenings giving us a chance to get out and get active. The winter sees many people become less active, owing to the colder weather and the darker days. Use summer as the perfect chance to embrace the bright nights and get out there to increase your activity levels.

Never a Better Time

All told there has never been a better time than now to really focus on your mental and physical health. We have been shown more than ever before what the dangers are around this, and it is exactly why we must use this summer to become fitter, healthier and generally in better than ever before.

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