5 Things That Make a Garden Wedding More Special


For many years garden weddings played second option to indoor venues. For some reason, they just did not appeal to couples. Things have changed and garden wedding are more popular than ever. You will find many first-class wedding venues in Sydney offering outdoor weddings in custom designed gardens. Here are 5 reasons to choose a garden wedding for the big day.

  1. Beauty of Nature – No amount of synthetic beauty will outdo nature. When you go for a garden wedding you can take full advantage of all the natural world has to offer and let it be part of your ceremony. This is one of the main reasons people choose to wed outdoors, there is no beating a clear blue sky over a carpet of lush green grass.
  2. Outdoor Photo Ops – When looking at wedding venues in Sydney, have a closer look at places which also offer garden weddings. The great thing about having the ceremony outdoors is the photo opportunities and there are plenty of them. A garden is already back full of beautiful backgrounds and natural light.
  3. Minimal Restrictions – Another great aspect of having a garden wedding is what it can offer in terms of flexibility. When you book an indoor venue, you can only fit so many guests. With a garden wedding, you can add more tables or make changes to the layout without causing any major headaches.
  4. Adequate Space – A garden setting always offers adequate space. Borders can be added to make it more intimate or items can be used to extend the layout of the tables. If you are expecting a huge crowd, you should easily be able to find a venue that offers a good size garden for large outdoor groups.
  5. Lower Price – You will find that most garden weddings are less expensive than traditional ceremonies. You do not have to worry much about décor or lighting as nature will provide the perfect canvas. Another great thing about having a garden wedding is that it is perfect for both the ceremony and the reception. There is no need to book a church and then move to a venue.

If you are planning to get married amidst a garden backdrop, there are plenty of amazing venues in Sydney. Instead of going for a traditional church wedding, why not try something a bit different and look at the benefits of an outdoor wedding. It is generally more affordable, and it offers a unique ambience.

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