Everything to Know about Child Personal Injury Claims


Child personal injury claims emerge out of an accident involving children, which are not treated the same as adult personal injury claims.  The concern of parents for the health and welfare of their children is of prime importance in all cases. However, this should not overshadow the want to need to proceed with the legal proceedings involving a personal injury attorney in Toledo.

An individual is considered as minor by the law if they are below 18 years of age. And a minor is not allowed to make an accident claim or engage a solicitor by themselves. So, an adult person, who is known as the next friend and usually the minor’s guardian or parent, has to represent the minor in a personal injury claim.

If your minor child has been involved in a case where they went through an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can consider making the child injury claim. But before doing so, contact a personal injury attorney in Toledo to discuss everything as well as how to proceed.

Child Personal Injury Claims: Common Types

Accident at Daycare, Crèche, or School

In the cases where a minor suffers an injury while they are in daycare, crèche, or school, after attending to the injury, the next step must be to report this accident to the staff. In case the injury was a result of neglect of staff member, you will need to note other information like –

  • Pictures of the injury
  • Names of all the staff members on duty during the accident and witnesses to the incident.
  • Picture of place where the incident happened
  • CCTV footage if possible
  • Receipts for medical as well as other expenses relating to the accident

Children’s Toys Injury

These include injuries caused by unsafe or defective toys. The injury could be physical harm or choking. In such a case, the first step should be seeking medical attention followed by noting the injury details and details regarding the defect in the toy.

You must hold on to the packaging and instructions that the toy came with. Retain the receipt of your purchase if possible. Once you collect all the necessary information, get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney in Toledo.

Birth Injury Claims

One of the most common birth injuries is cerebral palsy caused by negligent management of the mother’s pregnancy. Other cases include –

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shoulder/hip injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Injuries caused by prolonged labor

Playground Accident

These include –

  • Unhygienic food served to the child in the establishment
  • The injury occurred due to inactions/actions of an employee
  • The poor condition of the play equipment

Child Accident in Public Places

Such accidents can occur due to –

  • Falling on wet floors in supermarkets, malls, and other public places
  • Trips, falls, or slips due to badly maintained walkways, staircases, footpaths
  • Falling of objects because of poor quality fixtures

In any of the cases mentioned above, if your child suffers from serious injury, you must visit an experienced personal injury attorney in Toledo to get rightly compensated.

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