Eyeglass Repairs: How Eyeglass Professionals can restore your Eyesight


If you have been wearing eyeglasses for a while, breaking them can is an inconvenient nuisance. Since you need them to see, you have to take them to a trusted vision center that offers services like glasses repair Houston. During the break, you immediately wonder if you could fix the glasses yourself. But, you don’t want to make matters worse by dealing with something you are not an expert at.

What you Should Not Do when your Glasses Break

Sure, there are YouTube videos that can teach you how to fix broken eyeglasses. You may come across people who successfully repaired theirs using baking soda and toothpaste. But, you should not fall for these solutions. The materials can only make your problem worse. In fact, they are likely to leave harmful residues on your frames.

Common Eyeglasses Damages and How to Fix Them

Your eyeglasses are an investment and you want to ensure they get the treatment they deserve. Opticians can assess broken eyeglasses and determine to how to maximize the value that they still have. The kind of break your glasses have may make a difference. Below are some damages and how glasses can be repaired:

  • The bridge or temple is broken in half. The optician may solder back the pieces together into a full arm. However, this is not possible if the frame is made of plastic or titanium.
  • The arm or temple has broken off from the frames. This break can happen because of a missing screw or a snapped hinge. In case the frames are still in production, it is still possible to order replacement temple. But, if production is discontinued, the only way to fix the temple is to bond it with something such as shrink-wrap plastic.
  • Bent frames. If your frames sit on your ears and face crooked, they have to be repaired right way to prevent further damage.  Your glasses can warp due to normal wear and tear and professionals can put them straight easily.

  • Scratched lenses. Typically, light scratches on the surface can be polished out. However, deep scratches are often not fixable. Luckily, new lenses can be inserted to restore your clear vision. If the lenses get scratched, you can get it repaired without having to spend a fortune.
  • Broken nose pads. Replacing missing nose pads is a breeze. Optical repair centers often keep a whole stack of them on hand. In case the metal piece that holds your nose pads is broken, it can be soldered.

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