This Year’s Top Travel Trends


Tourism and travel are two of the most lucrative industries around the world. As such, there is always a consistent demand for new travel experiences and activities. Every year, new travel trends are dictating which places and experiences are more likely going to be in demand. To respond to the changing needs of travellers, the experts from the not in the guide books blog predict that the following ten trends will dictate the industry this year and the years to come.

Discovering new destinations in Europe 

Sure enough, the ubiquitous travel destinations in Europe are getting a little too crowded. If you don’t want to brave the tourist spots but still find exciting destinations across this continent, look no further than Cyprus, Belarus, and Moldova. These countries are less-travelled and still hold exciting discoveries for an avid wanderer.

Going back in time in the Middle East

 The recent years have seen a tourism resurgence in the Middle East. People are rediscovering the ancient historical value and beauty of countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. Curiosity overcomes fear as brazen travellers are more willing to discover the culture and history of this region.

Travelling as a family

 Modern family dynamics will come into play regarding travel trends. These days, it is a commonplace for single-parent families or blended families to travel. The travel industry responds to this statistic by offering more family-friendly choices that accommodate less-traditional family dynamics. For example, airlines now offer discounts for single-parents. Additionally, single-parent families are no longer charged more for travels. There are equal opportunities in availing of travel packages.

Emphasis on experience and activities

 Travel activities and experiences no longer refer to high-adrenaline adventures such as scuba-diving or bungee jumping but simply offering travellers unique experiences bringing them closer to local culture. For example, travellers can participate in local food tours and cooking classes. They will see first-hand how locals prepare delicacies and regional cuisines. Tours are offering to bring travellers to artisans making pottery and other cultural artefacts.

Changing Seasons

 Summer is always considered to be the peak time for travelling. It is also the most expensive. Expense and summer crowds are a couple of the reasons why there is a shift in the outlook for what is considered the best time to travel. More people nowadays are becoming interested in visiting other countries during winter. Winter festivals are happening across the globe that bring in and attract hosts of visitors each year.

The impact of social media

 Social media has taken the travel industry by storm. It has become an avenue for avid travellers to discover new places and seek new experiences. Some lesser known destinations have made the spotlight because of social media. Countries like Bhutan, Kazakhstan, and Ethiopia benefited from the speed of information sharing in social media channels.

Yes to travelling solo 

There are many travel companies offering options for solo travellers to seek their desired adventures. In the past, it was almost unheard of to travel alone, much less in different countries. These days, it is already the norm and is likely to become more popular in the coming years.


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