Buying Your First Property


For many people out there, buying their first home is one of the most significant financial decisions they have ever made in their lives. We are not talking about rented apartments here; we’re talking about actually buying a house and lot, or buying a lot and having a house built on it. Properties under property management by Native, for example, are usually the best ones out there.

The decisions you’ll make when buying your first home will affect how you’ll live when you start living in it, so you have to make careful decisions to make sure that your home will not be a liability to you in any way. From budget and the design to the location, you must take into account everything that defines your living style right now.


When it comes to location, you must choose what is always the most convenient and affordable for you. Because of this logic, many people prefer to rent units after becoming independent from their parents, so they can find homes near where they work. When choosing a home, this also means that you’ll have to select the location based on your needs.

For example: if you have children with you, you may want to choose a home that’s near schools, so that the kids don’t have to travel far to school, or near a hospital, for emergency purposes. If you’re single, a home near your place of work might be ideal. But don’t get the nearest thing you can get while sacrificing other things like the distance to the location where your spouse works, or the distance between other important places, like the market or the hospital.

Should you have poor health, you may want to pick a home far away from the polluted city centre. It might take you far away from your work, but you can buy a car or adjust your schedule to give yourself ample travelling time.


The size of your home is another important factor in deciding what to buy. Do you plan on marrying and having children in the near future, or do you plan on enjoying a bachelor’s life forever? If you plan on starting a family, then a big house would suit your needs: one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, one master bedroom and one room for the children. If you plan on living single for the rest of your life, you can save more by buying a smaller house. If, as a bachelor, your mind changes in the future, you may even have the house renovated to give your kids their own room.


Then there’s the budget. How much are you willing to spend? Some people that lack funds opt to take a loan or mortgage to pay for the house. While that’s fine and all, it completely assumes that you are still able to pay it off in the future. But what if something happens and you lose the ability to work or lose your job? That would be hard, and the bank may even take your home away from you. Instead, borrow as little money as possible so that you can pay off the loan quickly.

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