Understanding the term Valve and its Various Usages


You may be aware of the pipelines that would efficiently transport huge amounts of gases and liquids. These gases and liquids are collectively known as fluids. However, they would require a regulating body to control the amount of flow, start or stop the flow, in order to work efficiently. This is where valves would come into the picture. The valves would be the regulating body effectively controlling the flow rate. They would act as the main switch to start and stop the flow of fluids.

What do you understand by the term valve?

Valves would be best described as mechanical devices used for obstructing passage of liquids or pipes of gases. The valves would obstruct the fluids partially or wholly in order to control the flow rate as you deem fit. You may often come across several kinds of valves in routine, but fail to notice them.  Common example would be the taps that you open and close for controlling the flow of water. It is a valve. The regulators used for controlling flow of gas from our pipelines would also be described as a valve. You would also come across gas-controlled valve in a cooker. Apart from the fabricated valves, you would come across natural valves in the human body such as the heart. The heart would regulate the flow of blood in the entire body.

Different materials for valves

Valves would be manufactured of either metal or plastic. Levers, handles, wheels and pedals could control it. It could also be controlled automatically as well. The exterior parts may be manufactured from plastic or metal. It would be known as seat. The inner part would be made from rubber and plastic valves. It would provide effective control on the flow of fluids.  The body would be the inner part of the valve that would fit on the seat and control the flow by either opening or closing, partially or wholly, based on the need of the flow rate.

Wide use of valves in different industries

Valves have been playing a significant role in the transportation of fluids. It would be used in major industries such as pharmaceutical industries, petrochemicals, food and beverage industries and sanitary industries. It would not be wrong to suggest that Sanitary Valves has become a necessity for fluid based solutions. It would be in your best interest to search for the right distributors of sanitary valves to suit your specific needs at affordable price.

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