Redesigning the Iconic Mercedes-Benz Gelände­wagen into G-class 2019 Is Interesting


When Mercedes-Benz Gelände­wagen was released globally four decades ago, it drew customers because of its rugged good looks. It gave an added sensation of protection and menace. With its growing mass of devotees, unintentionally G-class turned into a status symbol. Sales elevated inspire of its hefty price, so the manufacturers refused to modernize it. It was confusing on how to ease a cash-printing, fully functional, G-wagen without deteriorating its legacy?

Carefully, the task got achieved and Mercedes G class 2019 got redesigned. Exterior design changes are subtle. It appears like hard corners got softened gently as years passed.

Focus was to handle the overall rigidity on body structure

  • Tight body panel gaps got created
  • Provided stylish integration of bumpers and wheel arches
  • Body shell got constructed with different grades of steel.
  • Fenders, hoods, and doors are made from aluminum.
  • G-wagen has measured 2.1” long and 4.8” wide but is grown 375 pounds leaner.
  • Front legroom increased by 1.5” and rear by whopping 5.9”.

Aesthetic interiors

  • All equipment lists are standard with traditional G-class including the navigationa display, heated front & rear seats, glass-panel sunroof, 3-zone automatic climate control, Burmester audio system, etc.
  • In redesign is a rear & front dual cup-holders.

Connections between drivetrain, suspension, and new ladder frame

  • Live front axle is switched with an independent front suspension for better front wheel articulation on bouncy rough roads.
  • Live rear axle is mounted on the frame with a Panhard rod and 4 trailing links.
  • Automatic steering system uses less energy than the traditional ball setup.

New transmission

The outgoing G-class included G550’s twin turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 climbed slopes with power. The 4.0-liter output at 416 horsepower and torque [450 lb-ft] at 2000 rpm remains unchanged. It is expected to provide enhanced performance because of the 2019 G-class model’s reduced mass.

G-class is fitted with 9-speed automatic transmission, which is used in other models. Transmission software and torque converter are modified, specifically for G-duty.

Mercedes claims to offer more comfortable and quiet ride, at low engine speed. New gearbox consumes less fuel.

On-hand Dynamic Select assists to tailor the suspension, steering, engine, transmission, and assistance systems. G-mode activates, when one out of the 3 differential locks get activated. G-mode changes steering& throttle response, damping, and shifting for expected off-road behavior.

Personalization options

Mercedes-Benz offers an optional list that includes AMG Line styling package, rear seat entertainment, contour seating package, heated steering wheel, and wheel options.

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