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Technology has played a major role in shaping the life we live today. If we try to compare our lifestyle in the past and what we have now there are a lot of things that jump out. Some of the things we did before and how we did it have been greatly changed through technology.  Let us take education as an example, in the past libraries and books were the main source of information. Whenever there was homework to be done for students the main source of information was the library and some of the books required may not be found in just one library comparing this to the technology we have today which is the internet, studying and research has become more convenient. This is just one example of how technology has changed the way we live and it is important to look into such things in order to capitalize on the opportunities technology is able to offer.

The way we conduct business has also been greatly affected by technology in fact a lot of the business we have today were made possible due to the kind of technology that are available today. A lot of websites now cost millions of dollars and have made a lot of people in their twenties millionaires simply by making use of technology available and the ideas that they have. A lot of these internet startup companies come out of nowhere and earn a lot of money just because of a simple idea that has been applied to a program. One of these ideas turned into a profitable business is online shopping.

Online shopping was something not easily available for everyone in the past. However due to the rapid development of technology almost any kind of mobile device has access to the internet and almost anywhere you go the internet can reach. One of the advantages of online shopping is there is no need to go to a store, deal with the traffic and the crowds in order to purchase what you want. Everything you want is at the tip of your fingers and all you need is access to the internet and of course the product should be available online. Online shopping has a lot of potential which is why people have started opening up stores in order to cater to people in different parts of the country.

One of the successful online shopping websites is based in China which is known as Alibaba. Alibaba could be considered as the counterpart of Amazon in China. A wide variety of products could be seen here and could be purchased and shipped to your location with a single tap. Such sites in China are becoming more popular which is why Alibaba has continued to expand in order to cater to people who are outside of the Country. Despite issues such as the Nanking Massacre with Japan, Alibaba is able to offer business to other countries especially those that are nearby. Though there are a lot of advantages of online shopping there are also a lot of drawbacks. Examples of the drawbacks of online shopping especially in China is paying for a product and once it arrived it may not be the same as the one you purchased. Logistics is also a problem since when you deal with online shopping its products usually comes from a warehouse and is shipped to your location. Whenever there are problems with logistics the shipment may be delayed or may be canceled. Despite these problems as long as the website is credible people usually have no problems shopping online and this might one day be more popular than buying from actual stores.

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