Anavar effective yet dangerous steroid


Anavar is anabolic androgenic steroid which is used as in cutting cycle by the athletes and body builders from all around d the world. It aids in achieving a toned, ripped and perfect physique. It helps in enhancing the performance and increasing the muscles hardness and vascularity. Anavar also known as Oxandrolone helps in burning calories too. There are many of steroids which is just like Anavar but they does not improve results and in return gives you the risk of getting side effects which can becomes ever later.Anavar is sued by both men and women. It is highly effective and has some long lasting effects. Anavar comes in different forms as injections, pills, tablets and sprays. Its effects vary from person to person. In some it took few hours to show results while in some it took a bit long time. All you need have patient while using this drug. Anavar is not like other drugs which does not improve results. It also affects body functions which includes endocrine system. It is related to the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is male primary hormone which helps in developing physical characters and sexual growth in men. It helps in the process of spermatogenesis, production of red blood cells, increase bone mass and muscles strength. It also helps fertility and increase the libido. Anavar also have its supplement known as Anadrole, it posses same effects as that of Anavar but without any side effects. Anadrole is safe, natural and herbal products. It helps in boosting up the metabolism and increases the strength of body. It affects and stimulates the phosphocreatine system.

Female also use Anavar for its effects such as building of muscles a d loosing it is generally recommended not for women because it is a form of testosterone which will result in producing masculine characters into females. Some of its characters cannot be reversed and stick with your whole life. Anavar is exactly same in structure and chemical composition as that of testosterone with a light difference. This difference causes the unique effects it produces. Anavar also helps in overcome the disease of hypogonadism which is a situation where body failed to produce testosterone. Anavar helps in maintaining the level of testosterone inside body. Anavar is popular in its tablets form and consume a lot all over the world. Anavar is banned by several countries. In some it is only available by prescription. Food and drug administration FDA have banned Anavar for using it into any food substance.  Anavar is found to e a dangerous drug by many research and studies. Before buying this product, do search about it on personal level so you don’t fall under any scams. Take Anadrol with proper diet and exercise otherwise it will not show its effects .do not increase your dosage without consulting your doctor this could be harmful. Anavar produces some danger side effects some of which are mentioned below,


  • lung diseases
  • high blood pressure
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • clitoris enlargement
  • reduces in testicular size

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