What You Should Look for When Buying a Masticating Juicer


You have finally decided to switch over to the healthier alternative of juicing, that being the Masticating Juicer. No matter if you’ve been using different types of juicers in the past or if you decided to make a smart investment and get to own one of these, we congratulate you on your choice.

This is an essential piece of the kitchen that unfortunately many people refuse to use. You will see that a masticating juicer will be able to improve your life in so many fantastic ways but first, you have to decide which one is right for you.

Seeing that owning such a device is a big decision, we are here to let you know of the things you have to look for when buying such a juice extractor. The thing is, the best masticating juicers is a group of products which are outstandingly great, and you must choose from that.

Reviews Are Key!

No matter the cost or its characteristics, always make sure to verify the reviews written by other customers. You will be able to form a vague idea, most of the times, of the problems that the producer “forgets” to get them exposed. One general rule is that, for every 10 products, your chosen product should have at least one review. This will ensure that more people that have probably done research of their own have opted for the exact machine you have shortlisted, as well.

These will expose different flaws of the machine that might have gotten by mistakenly, etc. All of these are meant to provide you with a clearer view of the product that you have been meaning to buy and help you also decide based on another characteristic besides the factory provided characteristics.

The 5 Most Important Things For Juicing With A Masticating Juicer

  • Versatile

Masticating juicers can be used anywhere from getting fresh juice from fruits and vegetables, to salads and even nuts. This also ensures less waste, the principle being an ingenious one, including more juice sacrificing more time.

  • Ease of cleaning

Who wants a product that takes fifteen minutes to clean after each use? Aim for something that is both easy to use and easy to clean. This way, you will not postpone the juicing process and will hit your goals each and every day.

  • No heat

You may have noticed that foam accumulates on top of the glass immediately after juicing. This phenomenon is strictly because of the phenomenon known as oxidation. This usually happens to regular types of juicers, such as centrifugal ones that produce heat, thus resulting in cell breakdown and oxidation. Masticating juicers juice can be stored in cool places anywhere in between 4-20 degrees Celsius.

  • Quiet

Maybe you’re an early bird and go out for a run at 6 in the morning. If you’re not living alone or with another early bird you might want to check the number of decibels of the product you’re eyeing. You don’t want to annoy your neighbours or housemates.

  • Lifetime warranty

Manufacturers such as Omega offer a lifetime warranty and that’s all you need. When the company trusts its product that much, it’s them whom you should be choosing. Masticating juicers reviews always expose the truth, so don’t forget to read them.

Final Thoughts

Buying a masticating juicer is the best investment in yourself and your health. Owning such a product will help you avoid th fast food just by taking the juice with you on your commute, for instance. It will make you more responsible and disciplined if you commit to drinking one glass of juice a day, but first, make sure you take into account the reviews and the factors we mentioned above.

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