7 Original Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner


Sometimes you can just tell that your partner is cheating on you. While you may not be able to prove it, something in your gut tells you that something is wrong. And they know what you say, follow your instincts!

If your partner is cheating, they will naturally try to cover their tracks, so you don’t find any evidence to prove your suspicions. But if you confront your partner without any evidence, he or she might deny it and accuse you of being paranoid. So what can you do?

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You can catch a cheating partner in a number of ways, no matter how crafty they are. Read on for 7 ways you can catch a cheating partner.

  1. New Habits and Schedules

If your spouse starts working late every other day and on weekends, or develops a sudden interest in social activities in which you are not involved, these are two possible signs of a cheat. Another sign is a change in sleeping habits. Is he or she sleeping late while on the phone or PC? Or is he waking up earlier than usual to check his phone for messages?

  1. A Sudden Need for Space

It is normal for two people in a relationship to need space from each other. However, a cheating partner will demand that you respect their space fiercely. He or she may start answering calls in a separate room, or purposely move outside to speak to the person on the line.  They may also start to get angry if you ask them where they’ve been or question why they got home later than usual.

  1. Unexpected Visits

Have you considered dropping by your spouse’s office unannounced just to see the reaction you get?  Or arriving home earlier than usual to try and catch him out?  If he’s trying to hide something, he will probably get angry and insist that you check with him first before turning up unannounced.

  1. Hire Covert Surveillance Agents

Some cheating spouses are very careful to cover their tracks, with the hope that you will never find out if they are cheating or not. The best move in such situations is to hire the services of covert surveillance agents. These agents will follow your partner and provide you with visual evidence of his or her whereabouts without his or her knowledge.

  1. Check for New Grooming Habits

Regular visits to the gym and the purchase of a few new outfits should not worry you. Your partner may just want to improve his or her appearance for you. However, a new obsession with their appearance without asking for your opinion could be a sign that he is getting glammed up for a new love interest.

  1. New Passwords

Has your partner changed all the passwords on his or her devices and is reluctant to share them? If so, chances are that he or she is hiding something. Other signs to look for are if he changes tabs or the position of the monitor whenever you approach him at his computer.

  1. Petty Fights

One strategy that many cheating partners deploy is picking petty fights in order to have a reason to leave the house. They look for excuses to storm out and come home late claiming that they were cooling off their anger. If your partner runs out after every fight, follow him or her. You can always say you want to apologize if he or she catches you following.

If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, chances are that you are right. However, you need to prove your claims because a wrong accusation could lead to unnecessary conflict in your relationship. Watch out for sudden changes in habits, moods, work schedule, grooming, and phone etiquette, and hire a PI if you want to know for sure.

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