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 Are you much interested in playing online games? This is your turn. Finding games in online is not a difficult thing. But winning games is not such an easier thing. Of course, my favorite strategy games including Clicker Heroes, Bloons Tower Defense 4, Kingdom Rush Frontiers will make a player to play for frequent times. It needs one to know right strategies. Some interesting games with strategies are given as follows.

Territory War:

This game is dependent on turn strategy. One requires help of mouse and keyboard to play this game. The main goal of this game is to control squad of stick figures and to start battling with enemies across number of stages. One has to simply use mouse or keyboard to enter commands and keys to steer troops. The complex settings will give player to play with more thrills.

Age Of War:

It is a game which simply requires mouse. In this game, one’s goal is to build units and upgrade technology to defeat opponents across ages of human history. One needs to use gold to train units and upgrade defenses to defeat enemy army. If different units are combined, one will enjoy maximum effectiveness of game.

Bloons Tower Defense:

This game is best launch of Ninja Kiwi. This game involves usage of all new towers to work via new tracks and difficulty modes to achieve total bloon popping satisfaction.

Desktop Tower Defense:

This game involves strategy in which creeps will enter from both top and left positions. Player is required to stop entry of them from reaching in order to gain life. If player continues gaining, game also will continue. Player needs to improve their abilities to choose towers. There are 5 different towers to choose. As one is able to improve number of towers, one can easily improve upgrades. Gold is also earned by killing creeps. In particular, player needs creeping for every 7 levels. The total score is counted by number of earn gold. For every 25 seconds, one has to come across multiple levels. Totally, there are 49 levels. Each level is color coded which will be identified by scrolling level bar at the bottom. A highly improved tower may suffer from lot of damages than amount of level 1 tower. Earning higher score is done by sending waves at earlier time. Anti-air does what it says on the tin. Shift button alone is enough to place multiple towers. If you are able to send waves earlier, you can win easily. But one has to be sure to not to swamp maze keys. Player can choose desired level to place few towers. By pressing start button, game begins.

Close Combat:

In this game, user is just required to press 1 on keyboard for movement. Player should take control over selected side in order to eliminate opposing enemy.  This game involves lists of powerful weapons to inflict damage and to get more progress. Player has to play against friend. Initially one should choose practice, campaign and can even customize own battles. It is very important to read instructions to begin with the game. Soldiers are wished to play this game to win.

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