10 Fun Corporate Outing Ideas and Team-Building Activities Everyone Will Enjoy


Today, every corporate company has made it a point to take their team for team outings and attend team building activities during their orientation days or after they have been in the company for some time. These activities prove to be a great ice breaker when people get to bond and know about each other in the team. This way, the company gets to achieve a higher purpose of productivity when the team members trust and work with each other.

Be it outdoor or indoor activities, the corporate companies have a list of activities that they try out for outings and team building. Explore and learn about 10 fun corporate outing ideas and team building activities which will be enjoyed by one and all.

  1. Team dinner:

Invite your team for a team dinner and just mention the time and the date. On the day of the dinner, send out the reminder with the venue’s name. This way, each member in the team would interact with each other when they try to join together with someone to reach the place. This is also the one time where the boss and the employees can relax after long work.

  1. Karaoke night:

This activity gives an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. One can sit back and enjoy or try their luck at singing. Who knows, you might even discover few hidden talents that your team members might have in singing.

  1. Volunteering:

Corporate companies have made it a point to take some time off from their work schedule to get down into volunteering. You can help out in the orphanages, old age homes, animal shelters or simply help to clean up the neighborhood.

  1. Sports game:

Everybody loves to watch some form of sport or the other. Book tickets and take your team out for either a football or a cricket game. It can be any sport. The only thing that matters is that your work team had a good time during the outing.

  1. Go kart:

This adrenaline filled game is the perfect choice for team members who love to drive cars. You can plan a day out to the nearby kart track and have fun.

  1. Improve workshop:

The workshop deals with the betterment of communication that each member of the team has with the other person. The workshop is being used by employers to develop soft skills and to make sure that their employees have the right platform for expression.

  1. Personality development workshop:

Corporate companies plan these workshops for the new recruits, as well as for the people who are working in the company. Activities done in the workshop helps the individuals to learn more about leadership skills as well as helping them to learn how they can further handle their profession.

  1. Being a tourist:

Not everyone in the team might be from the same place. As part of the outing, you can take these people out to visit the nearby tourist locations.

  1. Kayaking:

Perfect team activity! This makes good use of outdoor and is an excellent team building activity.

  1. Escape from the room:

A good activity for the mind and the team! Lock few team members inside the room and they need to find their way out using the clues they can get.

These fun corporate outing ideas and team building activities will be enjoyed by one and all irrespective of undertaking them in adventure park in Mumbai or in any other place. Do not miss to experience these activities.

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