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Water has always reported to have health benefits; not only does it properly hydrate you but it can help clear out your skin, make you feel more energised, and ensure organs are functioning properly. That doesn’t make it perfect though and many companies are looking to make water as healthy as possible, with as many benefits as possible.

One way that they have come up with is ionizing water. This sounds much more complicated than it actually is, and the benefits that they have come up with make it seem worth the while.

In it’s natural – from the tap – state, water tends to be around 7pH which makes it neutral. It is neither acidic or an alkaline. It doesn’t affect the balance of your body. However, there are machines out there that can change this and they do it without adding chemicals or vitamins to the water. Instead of adding other artificial components into your water, all they do is run it through an ionization machine – or process.

How It Works

The machines used to do this can be expensive; ionized water machines can be connected to your tap or faucet, or even placed under your sink and connected to your pipes that way, keeping it out of the way. They also usually allow for adjustments of the water, so you can decide how ‘strong’ you want it to be – you can have it a little less acidic, for example, without it being too much hassle. Simply adjust your machine.

Ionized water is exactly as it sounds – water that has been charged with electrodes. When running through the machine, multiple different electrodes are released, with either a negative charge or a positive charge, which then reacts with the atoms within water (H2O), giving them electrons, or taking them for themselves. This ‘charges’ the water.

Using this method, ionized water can be both acidic or alkaline, which both boasting different features and uses to encourage their growth within the market. As well as being a healthier alternative to plain water, it can be used across the household for many different reasons, with it’s benefits not just limited to what it can do within your body, but how it can improve your life in other ways.


Currently, there is no concrete proof in regards to ionized water other than word of mouth and what people are saying, but those who have tried these machines tend to have very good things to say. Including claims that it has helped with previously intensified conditions, doesn’t make them feel bloated, and gives their skin a fresher look.

Scientists have not confirmed that the process is one that will benefit health, but have confirmed they can see how it would help around the house to be able to control the different pH levels of water, for many different uses, and how it could become more and more mainstream. They have also agreed that the process is plausible, giving it a little bit of credit, even if they do not have full details yet.

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