TVS Jupiter Vs Honda Activa 3G – Which is the Best Scooter for Regular Travelers


When two of the most popular brands in the scooter industry offer their 110cc vehicles, it is difficult to choose one out of them. This is a confusion that most of the Indian consumers face. They are faced with so many choices that it is difficult to technically analyze them and make a sound decision. Taking in regards all these complications and more, we are comparing two of the most trending and popular scooters of current times – TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa 3G. All the aspects that you would want to know including the mileage, pricing, design and the best features are included in this Honda Activa 3G review and its unbiased comparison with TVS Jupiter.

Looks and Style

TVS Jupiter: Most of the consumers go by the looks and the style of the scooter while they are making a decision. The TVS Jupiter is slim, looks modern and has a good aesthetic appeal to it. It is highly termed as a good family scooter as the pillion rider can sit comfortably in its long seat. Even the colors available are in abundance and they include Matte Blue, Midnight black, Pristine white, Royal wine, Sparking silver, Stallion brown, Titanium grey, and Volcano red.

Honda Activa 3G: Honda as we all know entered the scooter market with Activa and took it by storm. Along with all kinds of features and exceptional engine quality, it came in a classic design that is still carried on its new models including the Honda Activa 3G. You can buy the Activa 3G in the colors of Black, Imperial Red Metallic, Trance Blue Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic, Pearl Amazing White, Majestic Brown Metallic.

Most of the people seem to be impressed by the design of Activa 3G as it is a toned down version of the previous Activa. So, as per the looks, the Activa 3G edges the Jupiter by a small margin.

Best Features

TVS Jupiter: TVS Jupiter comes with a range of different features that is not easily found in other scooters of the same price segment. The parking brake in the Jupiter is one of its kinds and hardly any scooter has it. You also get a mobile phone charging point which is one of the most necessary features these days. Moreover, there is a switchable economy and power mode which helps you in better fuel utilization.

Honda Activa 3G: The scooter comes with some salient features which includes a full metallic body that complements the design and ensures better build quality. There is a combined braking system that is a safety feature in the scooter. Along with it, you will also find an anti theft key shutter for better safety as well.

As we can see, the TVS Jupiter has some unique features that the Activa 3G doesn’t comes with. Although Activa has its own set of features, the Jupiter has more useful and modern features.


TVS Jupiter: Jupiter is appropriately priced by TVS at a price of INR 53,167 when we consider the on-road price. Given the sturdy looks, good features and an engine performance the price is quite justifiable.

Honda Activa 3G: Activa 3G is priced almost the same as that of the Jupiter at around INR 53,624. Activa is a reputable brand in itself and the price tag is synonymous to that brand.

Since both the scooters come with a similar price tag, there is no differentiation in terms of pricing either in Activa or in Jupiter. If we see the Honda Activa 3G review closely, we can see that there are some features that lack in it which the Jupiter seems to have. Thus, if you think in such terms, the Jupiter wins the race ahead of the popular Activa 3G.

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