Protect your Inheritance for your Children by Making a Will


Many people tend to avoid any talk of death, especially if it involves themselves, as it is a morbid topic and not one easily introduced. However, if one is to be practical, one must realise that death is as natural as birth, and can come to us at any time. It is for this reason that you should make a Will, even if you are young and in the best of health, as clearly stating your final wishes in an official document is the only way you can be sure that your estate is in fact divided as you would like.


A person who dies without leaving a Will is “intestate”, and in this case, the laws of the land would determine who the beneficiaries will be. If you were married, your partner would receive your entire estate, but without a Will, there will be no provision for the children, and any benefits they receive would be at their discretion. Making a Will allows a person to stipulate the amount, and conditions of any inheritance, and with some expert advice, a person can be sure that certain conditions will be upheld.

Online Assistance

If you are anywhere in the UK, and looking at making a Will in Cambridgeshire, for example, there are online Will writers who will visit you at home and help you to create the perfect Will that guarantees that your family will be well taken care of. An established company would be able to deal with other legal aspects, such as:

  • Funeral plans
  • Changing names on title deeds
  • Setting up Trusts
  • Probate services
  • Power of Attorney

Some companies will actually send a legal expert to your home, and they will give you a free consultation, and can arrange for your Will to be completed in a matter of weeks.

The Importance of a Will Writer

In theory, you could just write in plain terms, exactly how you would like your estate to be divided, but in reality, this would leave the interpretation wide open, and therefore it is best to have an experienced Will writer at hand, who can translate your layman’s language into the right legal jargon that cannot be manipulated or misinterpreted in any way.

Make Provisions

You can make provisions for your children in your will, and the executor of the Will, who would be someone appointed by you that you trust, would ensure that your wishes are carried out in accordance with your written instructions. You may have concerns that your children would be irresponsible with a large inheritance, so you could instruct that the inheritance is staggered, until such a time as they are old enough to appreciate it.

With the help of an experienced Will writer, you can probably avoid paying too much inheritance tax, and they can usually advise on ways to bring that figure down, which means more for your loved ones, so if you haven’t already made a Will, it is never too late.

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