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With the advent of the first Escalade being introduced in 1999, General Motors has given the world a new luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle through the very popular Cadillac Model. The interest in SUVs has increased from the late 90s and since then the customers have managed to search for high end and full size vehicle selections. The Cadillac Escalade has come a long way from the basic models from 90s and stands tough against the Japanese and German SUV rivals.

While the growing concerns for gas emitting nature of SUVs and their impact on the nature of the Sport Utility Vehicles has made some people shy away from the thought of purchasing the escalade. However, it has not stopped well known personalities from jumping to buy these luxuries. Not only the use of this vehicle has become a fashion statement, but is also quite expensive to maintain and support.

Escalade- A definite Symbol of Status

The ownership of the Cadillac Escalade has already become a status indicator for many throughout these years. They are being showcased in music videos as well as movies to denote flashiness, class and wealth. In fact, movie stars and celebrities own their personal collection of these cars and don’t bother in showing up. Besides on road and being a preference for the players and celebrities, this popular model of SUV has also appeared in commercials.

Customizing Your Vehicle

One of the most popular trends in vehicle and cars regards is the personal customizations. Car owners have shaped and transformed the factory models to suit their style and taste. A common upgrade seen in the market of SUV is adding larger wheels or chrome rims to the 22 inch Escalade wheels. Plenty of them are available at Others exchange their factory models for the ones that are equipped for racing. Another popular form of customization is choosing paint colors and adding visual details to the body. This is deemed to be a way of expressing your style through the high end vehicle.

When you consider purchasing an SUV, you get three different choices. You can choose from Escalade Wagon option, as well as the Escalade EXT Pick Up Truck. One of the more expensive choices is the Escalade ESV, which features a lengthy base.

2003 Cadillac Escalade Upgrades

Just like other car models, General Motors too is known to tweak their line of vehicles to push the envelope into the car industry. Some improvements have been introduced and made into the 2003 Escalade product line. The new feature list into this line includes Read Wheel Drive, power assisted pedals, high outputs, improved 4 wheel system etc. Further in 2003, the EXT pickup trucks were also introduced to the public. This has given the consumers the ability to accommodate around 5 people and features the convenience of 4 doors within. It will be interesting to see some of the other improvements that come out in future models.

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