Tasks Your Business May Want to Outsource


No matter how big your business is, whether it has one employee or a thousand, there are certain corporate tasks that need to be done, even if there isn’t enough manpower around to do it. However, it doesn’t always make sense to just hire people on- a decision like that can really rock the boat early on. Here are a few tasks from your to-do list that you can outsource to people who can do it best, faster, and cheaper than you can:

  • Branding

Good branding and identity creation is a very important step in setting or re-launching your business. It reflects your company’s services, vision, strengths, and unique personality. Investing in proper market research as well as taking the time to carefully deliberate logos, brand colors, fonts, and even tone of voice can be what prompts leads to choose you over your competitor. However, this exercise only has to be done once, or else updated every few years, meaning that it’s not worth hiring someone full time to develop and work on this project. Contracting an agency specializing in such work is the best use of your resources and should ultimately result in superior quality. Just make sure that they leave clear branding guidelines that you can use on all your content going forward.

  • Public Relations

Public Relations professionals have a lot of very useful skills up their sleeves. From connecting you with important media influencers to dealing with negative situations that could affect your public image and reputation, having a good PR team behind you is important to your success. Though in-house PR staff have a good understanding of your company, they might not have the constant exposure and experience that an agency might have with specific scenarios and situations.

  • Bookkeeping

Having your own company accountant or bookkeeper is something that doesn’t work for every business scenario. You’ll find that many experienced technicians offer bookkeeping and payroll management adapted to your needs. However, no one said that you have to pay them full time. If your business operations are still pretty small but take too much of your time, it might be a sign that it’s time to refer that work to someone who can do it better and faster.

  • Legal

Even big companies hire law firms to represent them, with few having more than a couple of legal advisors on staff. So, if your small to middle sized enterprise is looking to draw up a sound contract of employment, of   partnership, or whatever else, it’s time to go look for a lawyer you can trust to take care of you and your business in good times and bad. And remember, legal fees are very high, so having a lawyer on staff full time is probably way out of your budget, even if you find yourself using their services quite a bit in the first few years.

  • Marketing

Every industry can appreciate the power of marketing, whether it be B2B, B2C, cold calling or social media based. From trade shows to airing television commercials, the world of marketing has expanded to span dozens of different channels and considerations, from print to SEO to Instagram, it truly takes a team of professionals to cover all your bases. So, unless you have the budget to hire at least 3 marketing professionals that specialize in different niches, you are better off finding a marketing agency that can combine all its team’s strengths for the price of less than one full-time staff member.

Though working with other companies and agencies can bring very positive results, if the conditions are right and there is a clear demand for it, remember that hiring a full-time staff member to do some of this work can also help you grow. They will have a superior understanding of your business’s direction, mission, and work culture. Until then, remember to get help from your team of associated businesses.

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