Steps to Transforming Your Rooftop into a Livable Space


You’ve already finished the basement, renovated the rest of the house, and it seems like you still don’t have all the living space that you want. Some would just pick up and move, but others try to work with what they have. Those handy people look for space anywhere they can find it, however many miss an obvious spot- the roof!

If you have a slanted roof, chances are that you can’t do anything with it, except to explore an attic loft option! Just add some insulation, put in some walls and a floor, and you’ve got an extra cozy room, perfect for a library, recreation room, or guest bedroom loft.

However, some of us have the luxury of a flat roof, or one with a very slight slope. This might mean unique, personal gathering in the most memorable of spaces at home, the roof top! Whether your dream is to work out alfresco, barbeque while simultaneously monitoring your neighborhood, or star gaze in the evening with a cup of hot cocoa, a rooftop space can be used for all kinds of activities and uses.

It takes some work to transform your roof from a collection of shingles to a valuable urban oasis, so follow the next few steps and start enjoying your new space as soon as possible!

  1. Study the Feasibility

Not every roof is built to support additional weight like furniture or a garden element. That means that you will need a structural engineer to evaluate the integrity of your roof. If not strong enough, you might have to alter your dream design or give up on it all together. An additional consideration is that of municipal regulations in the area dictating the design and use of your home. Getting a permit is the best way to ensure that everything that you are doing is legal and up to code.

  1. Create an Access Point

If there isn’t already an easy way to access your roof, you are going to have to think of a solution that will work for you and your family. Some add external stairs from an existing balcony or patio, while others might consider direct access from inside the top floor. There are a number of considerations to explore like height of the building, climate, and costs of course. In the end, however you decide to tackle the issue, keep safety and convenience top of mind, and you won’t regret it.

  1. Secure the Area

During the construction phase as well as after, having a well secured and safe railing system is essential to enjoying your new space. Before you decide on the best option for you, research a wide variety of roof fall protection solutions including guardrail systems, rigid rail systems, portable solutions and more! Consider what you’ll be using your roof for and who will be up there primarily when making your decision. You might have to settle for something temporary during the construction phase only to replace with something more stylish later on.

  1. Design and Execution

Now it’s the fun part- time to design and execute the vision that you had for this extra space. So either hire someone or roll up your sleeves and get to work- the time and resources will be completely worth it.

Rooftop transformations don’t just give the home owners the coolest place on the street, but they also increase the value of the home. So whether you are looking to spend your retirement birdwatching on the roof or are looking for a property to flip, a rooftop terrace living space is valuable, and no one will argue that.

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