Retiring in Florida: Truths and Myths


When we think of Florida, a few things come to mind: beautiful, wide beaches, the Everglades, the nightlife of Miami, Disney World, and finally, retirement communities. The agreeable weather and beauty of Florida has made it the #1 destination for American and international retirees. However, a lot of things have changed in the last few years, so if you are planning to settle down for the sunset on the Florida coast, there are several things that you should be aware of:

Florida Real Estate is Cheap: MYTH/TRUTH

Cheap is a matter of perspective, as we all know. Depending on which country or city you are moving from, you might find that you can buy a great property for a fraction of what your house cost back home. However, don’t think that since the housing market crashed that prices haven’t gone up. Depending on which area of Florida you are looking to settle in, you will be faced with affordable or extremely expensive real estate. But on average, Florida is ranked middle of the road for cost of living, meaning that it is accessible to many.

You Can Buy a House Online: TRUTH

With technology changing and evolving in the last few years, shopping for and buying real estate has transformed. Now you can browse listings from your apartment in Brooklyn without even having to go down to the realtor’s office. Virtually every major city has a real estate company that offer complete services from researching properties in Florida to finalizing the deed. If you are skeptical, however, let them organize some viewings for you as you travel down for a short vacation with a mission. It will save you a lot of time and you’ll be working with the same company that you can finalize with once you get home.

There’s lots to do in Florida: TRUTH

As the retirement culture is so established in Florida, you’ll find that society has evolve to cater to this demographic, so if you get tired of soaking up on the sun on the beach, you’ll easily find something else to do. There are many hobby clubs and associations dedicated to keeping the retirees involved and happy in their golden years. You’ll have no shortage of friends and are likely to enter the most social period of your life; and why not, you have time for it!

The weather in Florida is Always Perfect: MYTH

Even though Florida is named the “Sunshine State”, it doesn’t mean that the weather is always perfect. On average you’ll have only 240 days with sun, and it can actually get quite cold and damp as well. So if you really need the sun in order to enjoy your years of retirement to the fullest, you might consider trading in your Florida dream for one that involves Arizona or California.

Everyone Loves Florida: MYTH

Yes, as a state Florida is very popular with retirees, however, don’t assume just because a lot of people love living there that you will as well. Some choose to stay closer to their families, others want a more “wild” escape in the mountains, with certain retirees even choosing to living in an arid climate. If you haven’t visited Florida before, it’s a good idea to go down and experience it for yourself before you decide to invest in a retirement property there.

Now that you have a few truths and myths about Florida as a retirement destination, it’s time to start making some decisions about where you want to spend your retirement. If it involves Florida, call your local Florida real estate connection and pack your suitcase for your mini-scouting adventure down South.

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