Descriptions about the 12 Zodiac Signs


Are you one of those who are really crazy about Chinese Zodiac Signs? If so, are you familiar with what each animal in their zodiac signs means? If you’re not, then you should check them out if you are really infatuated with The Chinese Zodiac 2017 or Chinese Horoscope Forecasts. There are a number of sites that explain them and you can also check in this blog:

  • Rat – is known as the charmer and thus is welcomed by almost all types of crowds. Though it is said that insecurity can sometimes weaver the rat’s decision, still when it comes to family, a person born in rat’s year is always firm in his decisions.
  • Ox – this is also called buffalo and this animal is known to be a scrupulous beast. Thus a person born under the year of the ox is always meticulous and self-reliant. In fact, he is not the kind to ask assistance from others.
  • Tiger – a tiger is known to be an adventure-seeker thus when you are born in the year of the tiger, you are expected to be confident and with a zest of life.


  • Rabbit–it is said that rabbits have natural fondness to nice things. This is why, they cannot accept harsh reality at times and tend to act like they don’t happen. Another reason is the fact that they have strong aversion to suffering.
  • Dragon – Those who are born in this sign are known to be brutally honest to the point of being rude. They also have a knack for freedom and easily bored with routines.
  • Snake – are compared to great thinkers and philosophers because they usually come up with decisions basing only to their intuition.


  • Horse – when h a person is born under the horse sign, he is expected to be independent and industrious. Thus he will be well-liked.
  • Sheep–Just like a sheep, a person born under the said sign is gentle and compassionate. For the Chinese, they are the harbingers of peace.
  • Monkey – this sign means a person is naturally mischievous and can even ignore the authorities. This is why, most of the time, those who are born under this sign, find themselves in a sticky situations.


  • Rooster – if you are born under the sign of a rooster, you will be loved by your employer as you will be considered an asset to their business. Yes, this sign means you are hardworking and honest.

These are just some of the meaning of the Chinese Zodiac Signs. For the complete list, you should be able to easily find online.

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