Tips to Help you Make the Most of your Self Storage Unit


Storing your belongings in a self storage unit can provide a lot of benefits whether you are moving across the state or across town. Storage is an excellent way to minimize your stress and make your move goes smoother. Below are some tips to ensure that renting a storage unit will be a comfortable experience and make your move a pain-free process.

Check Out Moving Supplies and Trucks

When you have picked a self storage facility, determine if their services include using a moving truck. You can find a self storage company which will provide such a service for free and a number of them for decreased rates when you are rent a unit from them. Moving trucks will make your moving day less stressful since you can move your things at your own pace. In case the facility has a truck, ask if they can supply moving straps and blankets to secure your belongings. Also a cart would be a good advantage for your heavier items like appliances and furniture.


Often, self storage facilities offers supplies that can be used by customers during a move such as packaging paper, boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Such supplies are usually with higher quality than those that can be bought at local retail stores and can better protect your belongings.

Pack with Organization in Mind

Using self storage before moving lets you move at your own pace rather than having to have everything packed within a short period of time. You can begin by packing up things you do not use on a daily basis and placing them in the storage unit.  As your moving day gets closer, you can begin packing your stuff room by room in order to stay organized. Also such method gives you additional time to clean your house before you finally leave it. As you put your things into the unit, make sure you label them and keep areas separate to ensure that you can easily get boxes moved into your new house.


Know when your Moving Date Is

After knowing the exact date of your move, look for a storage unit two weeks before the set date. Sometimes a moving date may not coincide with a move-in date. It is likely that your new house is not ready and you may have to rent house or stay with family until it is. Using self storage for your items can definitely take the stress out of this kind of scenario.


To make sure that you can get what to expect from a storage unit, ensure that you get it from a reputable company that will answer all of your questions. Use the internet for your search of storage facility and don’t forget to compare prices. Also, some friends or family members may be able to give you recommendations of the storage company that they used before. A good storage facility has an access to controlled gate equipped with CCTV surveillance to ensure your things are safe.

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